New Banger from Theo Junior07October
Bounce Brothas
New Banger from Theo Junior

After his hit single "Ups & Downs", THEO JUNIORS (Grovve Attack) new single "Du & Ich" is out today on all platforms. Another strong, danceable number that you can't get out of your head. There is also a great music video, be sure to check it out! The single was co-written and produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Here you can listen to "Du & Ich". Click here for the music video. 

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Tayfun Guttstadt - "Magusa"05October
Kiko Masbaum
Tayfun Guttstadt - "Magusa"

TAYFUN GUTTSTADT music speaks for a new generation: between modernity and tradition, between tradition and individuality, between hip-hop, trap, oriental classical music and pop. His new single "Magusa" is an honestly calm but very beautiful single. We are looking forward to the album! Mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to it here. 

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Nugat - "Kein Schach"30September
Bounce Brothas
Nugat - "Kein Schach"

NUGAT (TSKR) releases his new banger single "Kein Schach". The perfect track for the weekend, we're already listening to it up and down.  Produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS. You can listen to "Kein Schach" here.

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betterov - "Bis zum Ende"30September
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
betterov - "Bis zum Ende"

Last week he enchanted everyone with his music at the Reeperbahnfestival, live in Hamburg's Michel. Today, the breakthrough artist BETTEROV (Universal Music) releases another great single, "Bis zum Ende".  Mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. You can listen to the single here. 

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New single from Vigo Blax30September
Vigo Blax
New single from Vigo Blax

After a long wait, VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) finally releases their new single "Pretty". A great track, be sure to listen to it! Written by VIGO BLAX (Jones Markschat and Kofi Samuel Halan). Produced by Jones Markschat. You can listen to "Pretty" here.

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"Feels Amazing" - Nicolas Julian30September
Ashley Parris
"Feels Amazing" - Nicolas Julian

The new single "Feels Amazing" by NICOLAS JULIAN (Sony) is out. The perfect dance track for the weekend. We're already celebrating in the office.  The single was co-written by ASHLEY PARRIS.  You can listen to "Feels Amazing" here. 

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Golden Gate Gathering '2226September
Golden Gate Gathering '22

What a successful Reeperbahn Festival 2022. Besides great music and many new acquaintances, we finally managed to bring the Golden Gate family together after a 2-year forced break due to the pandemic.  First with a nice boat tour on the Elbe and in the evening with a great internal dinner on St. Pauli. And then also fitting for the 20th birthday of Golden Gate Management. Simply beautiful!  We are already looking forward to the next time! Thank you!

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Kratzen releases their second album23September
O.L.A.F. Opal
Kratzen releases their second album

KRATZEN released their second album, appropriately named "zwei". This is only available as a collector's item, i.e. only as a record and not online.  Produced by O.L.A.F. OPAL. You can buy the album here. 

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Hanna Noir - "Clubangst"23September
Hanna Noir - "Clubangst"

HANNA NOIR (igroove) from Hamburg releases her amazing new single "Clubangst", a real banger! Perfect track for the weekend, you can even see her live at the Reeperbahn Festival.  Produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT. You can also dance to "Clubangst" here. 

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Souly ft. Loco Candy - "Scherben"23September
Jones, NICE
Souly ft. Loco Candy - "Scherben"

Another great release today comes from SOULY ft. LOCO CANDY (Groove Attack) with their joint single "Scherben". Be sure to give it a listen. Co-written and produced by JONAS MARKSCHAT (NICE). You can listen to "Scherben" here. 

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"KARGO" the new Kraftklub album is out!23September
Moritz Enders
"KARGO" the new Kraftklub album is out!

Finally it's here "KARGO" the new album by KRAFTKLUB (Universal Music)! And as a release party they surprisingly performed at the Reeperbahn Festival and blocked the whole street, it was awesome! We celebrate the album and listen to it up and down in the office.  KARGO" was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. You can listen to it here.

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"Circles of Nostalgia" - Lalu16September
Alex Beitzke
"Circles of Nostalgia" - Lalu

Another great release today is LALU (Good Luck Kid) with her new single "Circles of Nostalgia". Fitting for the end of a great (music) summer. We are looking forward to more! Add. Production and mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. You can listen to the single here. 

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"Wenn der Morgen lacht" - Phil Siemers16September
Luis Baltes
"Wenn der Morgen lacht" - Phil Siemers

PHIL SIEMERS (Chefrecords) released his new album "Marleen". The track "Wenn der Morgen lacht" (When the morning laughs) was co-written by LUIS BALTES. Beautiful song! You can listen to it here. 

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"Lash" - Raum27 ft. Big Shrimp Ace16September
Big Shrimp Ace, Vigo Blax
"Lash" - Raum27 ft. Big Shrimp Ace

New party hit "Lash" by RAUM27 (Träumer & Helden) and BIG SHRIMP ACE (Golddamn), perfect for the start of the weekend.  Co-Written by ERIK ORTMANN and JONAS MARKSCHAT Produced: JONAS MARKSCHAT You can listen to "Lash" here. 

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New single from betterov16September
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
New single from betterov

Just in time for the Reeperbahnfestival performance next week, BETTEROV (Universal Music) releases his new single "Die Leute und Ich". Don't miss it! Mix by PELLE GUNNERFELDT You can listen to the single here.

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Juli - "Fette Wilde Jahre"16September
Jochen Naaf
Juli - "Fette Wilde Jahre"

JULI (Universal Music) takes us back to summer with their new single "Fette Wilde Jahre", great song! Produced by JOCHEN NAAF. You can listen to "Fette Wilde Jahre" here. 

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"So wie mit 19" - Tonbandgerät16September
O.L.A.F. Opal
"So wie mit 19" - Tonbandgerät

Feeling like 19 with  "So wie mit 19" from TONBANDGERÄT (BMG). The perfect track for a little trip back in time, we love this.  The single was mixed by O.L.A.F. OPAL. You can listen to it here. 

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"Hundeleben" - Die Sauna16September
O.L.A.F. Opal
"Hundeleben" - Die Sauna

DIE SAUNA (Tonträger) releases another EP track "Hundeleben". We are already looking forward for more songs.  This song was produced by O.L.A.F. OPAL. You can listen to "Hundeleben" here.

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