Moritz Enders

Produzent, Mixer

* German Go-To-Mixer
* Multi Platinum and Gold awarded
* 5 Million record sales
* genre corssing mixes from current Urban/Pop to organic and heavy guitars, pop radio mixes and also owrking with cutting edge artists
* based in Berlin at Tritonus studios

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New single "Solo" by Fil Bo Riva
Moritz Enders

FIL BO RIVA doesn't need a lot of show, smoke and fireworks for his music. With his new single "Solo" (Humming Records) he again proves that a strong voice, soft melodies and turned down instruments can be enough. We love it! Mix: MORITZ ENDERS Listen to "Solo" here

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Bosse with "Der Sommer"
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders

To start of the vacation season BOSSE captures the feeling of the car ride going on summer holidays perfectly with "Der Sommer" (Universal Music). Production: JOCHEN NAAF Mix: MORITZ ENDERS Let's take a vacation with BOSSE and "Der Sommer"

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"Sunnyside" by Bosse
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders

BOSSE (Universal Music) literally takes us to the " Sunnyside" with his latest single.  The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. MORITZ ENDERS mixed it. Click here for "Sunnyside".

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New Schimmerling Single
Moritz Enders

The boys of SCHIMMERLING (RCA) release their first single in 2021. The song is called "Königin der Nacht" and sounds just as majestic as the title promises. Production & Mix: MORITZ ENDERS Listen to the track now.

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Moritz worked with Casper, Milky Chance, The Intersphere, Bosse, Silbermond, Kraftklub and many more.

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