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Haiyti with "Mieses Leben" 16April
Bounce Brothas
Haiyti with "Mieses Leben"

HAIYTI surprises her fans with her new LP "MIESES LEBEN". Including the track "Was Noch" produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS "WAS NOCH" on Spotify

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"Bam Bam Bam" - Moti x Lunax x Marmy 16April
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
"Bam Bam Bam" - Moti x Lunax x Marmy

With their collab single "Bam Bam Bam" MOTi, LUNAX und MARMY land placements on various Spotify playlists Dance Brandneu, hot new dance and New Music Friday Germany, Italy and Switzerland. ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER co-wrote and co-produced the track Check it out

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New Noah Levi single 16April
Bounce Brothas
New Noah Levi single

NOAH LEVI releases his new single "Kein Geld" (Jive) today. Production and Co-Writing: BOUNCE BROTHAS Listen to the new single or check out the video for "Kein Geld"

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1986zig veröffentlicht "Einer von euch" 09April
Kiko Masbaum
1986zig veröffentlicht "Einer von euch"

The masked artist 1986zig doesn't show his face and will simply reach people through his music. After being celebrated on social media for his cover versions today he releases his own debut "Einer von Euch" (Good Kid Records/Universal). KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single "Einer von Euch" by 1986zig

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Udo Lindenberg with new Music09April
Udo Lindenberg with new Music

The legend from Hamburg, UDO LINDENBERG, is releasing his new single "Mittendrin" today. The single is a small foretaste of the best-of album "Udopium - Das Beste", which will be released on May 14th. There will be a total of four new songs on the album. Production: JEM SEIFERT & HENRIK MENZEL Mix: JEM SEIFERT Listen to "Mittendrin" now!

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Luis Baltes - "Fotos" out now!!09April
Luis Baltes
Luis Baltes - "Fotos" out now!!

LUIS BALTES releases his new single "Fotos" today. In the song, the singer deals with the end of his relationship. So if you're ready to get in your feelings, listen to the single now! The song is available here.

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