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Mix & Production25April
O.L.A.F. Opal
Mix & Production

Producer and mixer OLAF OPAL has mixed and produced some new songs in the last weeks.  OLAF OPAL mixed LINGBY's (recordJet) new album titled "Bright Black", which was released on March 8th.  NICHTSEATTLE (Staatsakt) also released a new album, which was co-produced by OLAF - "Haus". Last week there were two releases on which OLAF took over the production. BEATSTEAKS (Warner) - "DETRACTORS". DEWS (Strings & Buttons) - "Honey From A Weed". Feel free to listen!

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January to April25April
Jochen Naaf
January to April

Our producer, mixer and songwriter JOCHEN NAAF has been involved in several releases in recent months.  GIANT ROOKS (Irrsinn) released their new album "How Have You Been?" on February 2nd, which was produced by Jochen Naaf. He also produced and mixed BOSSE's (Vertigo) new single "Tagträumen".  Last week, FIL BO RIVA released a new single entitled "Lost In Life". Jochen Naaf was also involved in the production. Feel free to listen!

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previous productions 202425April
previous productions 2024

Our producer duo CAN'T BE BOUGHT have been working on some new productions in the first few weeks of the new year.  Amo49 and KALIM (Gold League) released their new single "Seit Wann" on January 26th, which was co-written and produced by the guys.  At the beginning of March, there were two releases in which can't be bought was involved and produced. Hanna Noir released her song "Farbenblind" and YBRE (DREAMGANG) released "Du weißt". Here the guys also did the mix & master. Last week, another single by YBRE (DREAMGANG) was released, entitled "Ich Liebe <3".  Feel free to listen!

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January to March21March
Christian Neander
January to March

Over the past three months, CHRISTIAN NEANDER has been working with various artists on a number of songs.  On January 19, CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Sony) released her new single "Ein halbes Leben", which Christian produced as well as programmed and co-wrote. JO HALBIG (articrecrods) released his new song "Glücklich" on February 16th. Here, too, Christian took over the writing together with FARGO. In March, 2 new projects were released in which Christian co-wrote: "MTV Unplugged in Wien" by CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Sony) and "Starfish" by MILLIE TURNER.  Feel free to listen!

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News from Kiko01March
Kiko Masbaum
News from Kiko

The first 2 months of the new year are over and KIKO was able to complete a few projects.  On January 12th MICHAEL KAESHAMMER (Sony) released his new single "Little Bit Of Love" for which KIKO did the programming and production. At the end of January, PHILINE SONNY (Nettwerk) released her "Lovely" EP, on which KIKO mixed. KIKO also mixed her latest release, the "Invader" EP, which was released today.  Besides mixes, KIKO also has a co-write on SIMON RABANSER's (Dolomites Records) & MAC MAYA's new single called "Gletscherblick". Feel free to listen!

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first productions in 202416February
Bounce Brothas
first productions in 2024

BOUNCE BROTHAS has produced a few new songs in the first weeks of the new year.  On January 19th HAIYTI and SHOKI (recordJet) released their new single "Satisfaction". JAY SAMUELZ (Napa Songs) released his single "808s" in February. And today PANTHA's new single "Galerie" was released. All songs were produced by the Bounce Brothas. Check them out!

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