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Bayuk - "Head Under Waves" out now!!18June
Christian Neander
Bayuk - "Head Under Waves" out now!!

BAYUK (Monchique/Groenland Records) releases his new single "Head Under Waves" today. Listen to the single now on all streaming platforms! CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single. Head here for the single.

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LOMI releases debut single "Stranger"11June
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
LOMI releases debut single "Stranger"

Newcomer Alert! Singer and songwriter LOMI is still very fresh on the market, but has already made a positive impression with her songwriting for artists like True Concept. She is currently working with many pop house producers, including ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER, who also produced her debut single "Strangers" (Panther's Groove). ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER not only produced the song, but also co-wrote it. Listen "Strangers"here.

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AJ Mitchell - "GROWING PAINS" Out now!!11June
AJ Mitchell - "GROWING PAINS" Out now!!

AJ MITCHELL (Epic Records) releases his new single "GROWING PAINS". The single is now available on all streaming platforms. LINDGREN co-wrote and co-produced the song. Listen to the track now!

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"Sunnyside" by Bosse11June
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders
"Sunnyside" by Bosse

BOSSE (Universal Music) literally takes us to the " Sunnyside" with his latest single.  The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. MORITZ ENDERS mixed it. Click here for "Sunnyside".

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Dominik Gassner releases  "Hoamat"11June
Kiko Masbaum
Dominik Gassner releases "Hoamat"

Austrian dialect on a modern beat doesn't sound so bad. At least not with DOMINIK GEISSNER (Warner Music). He is releasing his new single "Hoamat" today, and it has a lot to offer. The song was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Listen to "Hoamat" here!

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Vigo Blax samples 80er-Hit11June
Vigo Blax
Vigo Blax samples 80er-Hit

The boys from VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) have taken the 80s hit "Where Is My Mind?" by the PIXIES and made it their own. With a trappy beat and more modern lyrics, they brought the song into the present day. You can listen to the VIGO BLAX version "Feelings In My Phone" here.

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