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The Ivy - "Memories" Out now!!29May
Simon Jäger
The Ivy - "Memories" Out now!!

The EP "We Move Faster At Night" by the band THE IVY (Wasted Talent Records) is coming out on June 19th, 2020. But before that,  have a little foretaste with their latest single "Memories"! The single was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to "Memories" now!

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Juse ju dishes out crane kicks29May
Willy Löster
Juse ju dishes out crane kicks

The 38-year-old German rapper, journalist and author JUSE JU (Groove Attack) released his single "Kranich Kick" from the upcoming album "Millenium" today. The music video is already out. It shows the rapper and the baseball club "Berlin Flamingos" playing baseball. The song was mixed by WILLY LÖSTER. Listen to"Kranich Kick" now. Also, check ou the music video.

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SELIG with brand-new  single 29May
Christian Neander
SELIG with brand-new single

The rock band SELIG (Universal GmbH) released their new single "Alles Ist So" today. The band separated in the mid-90s, but they have been celebrating their reunion since 2008. CHRISTIAN NEANDER wrote the song. Check it out now!!

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Halleluja!! Frida Gold is back29May
Carsten Heller
Halleluja!! Frida Gold is back

2016 was their last release. Four years later, FRIDA GOLD (Universal Music GmbH) are back with their new song "Halleluja". The track was mixed by CARSTEN HELLER. Listen to "Halleluja" now!!

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IUMA releases new single "Freunde" 29May
IUMA releases new single "Freunde"

Check out the new single and video "Freunde" by IUMA! With the song "Freunde" Cologne singer IUMA presents the perfect track for the ongoing lockdown. Friends are the people you get to see on a screen via video call - you're not alone but not really together either - it's almost prophetic that the song was written long before the pandemic.  Production and co-write of "Freunde by TYTUS Watch the video here Or check out the new IUMA single on Spotify

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New chillhouse track by ALOON 29May
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis
New chillhouse track by ALOON

ALOON release new chill house track "Sweet Dream" via Styleheads Music. Production: HYPERCLAP Listen to "Sweet Dream"

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