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New Malou Single 30April
Charlie McClean
New Malou Single

With her new single"Focus" (Warner Music) MALOU presents her second release as a solo artist after her debut "All Or Nothing". CHARLIE MCCLEAN co-wrote the single "Focus" by MALOU on Spotify

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"trotzalledem" by KLEE 30April
Jochen Naaf, O.L.A.F. Opal
"trotzalledem" by KLEE

After some years of silence KLEE (Premium Records) release their new LP "trotzalledem" today with sweet, magical songs inviting us to dream. JOCHEN NAAF produced and mixed "Kopfüber", "Danke Nein" and "Weil du ein Wunder bist" and also co-wrote the two last ones OLAF OPAL produced and mixed almost all remaining songs of the LP together with the Band Check out trotzalledem in full here

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Lou Bega is doing the Macarena 30April
Roland Spremberg
Lou Bega is doing the Macarena

CAUTION - beware this song might stick around in your head for a bit! LOU BEGA is taking a beloved 90s classic "Macarena" and making it his own. Just like the original from 1992 the new version "Buena Macarena" (Electrola) will wake up those dancing muscles you haven't used in a while. So come on and dance with us - Buena Macarena! Production and Mix: ROLAND SPREMBERG Of course there's also a video for"Buena Macarena"!  

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Ellipso & HYPHN feat. Georgie Keller - "Silver & Gold" Out now!!30April
Ellipso & HYPHN feat. Georgie Keller - "Silver & Gold" Out now!!

The guys from ELLIPSO release together with HYPHN & GEORGIE KELLER their latest single "Silver & Gold" (Beat Dealer Records) today and the new track has it all. Listen to "Silver & Gold" here.

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Moti x Lizot x Wilhelmina with"Precious"30April
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
Moti x Lizot x Wilhelmina with"Precious"

The new single by MOTI, LIZOT & WILHELMINA is just as "Precious" as the title suggests. It is available from today on, on all streaming platforms. The single was co-written and co-produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER. Listen to "precious" now.

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Second LP by International Music 23April
O.L.A.F. Opal
Second LP by International Music

Channeling classic- and psychedelic rock, the salvation of German rock music, or simply eccentric bizarreness? Who cares! INTERNATIONAL MUSIC (Staatsakt) do it again and confuse and excite us with their second LP "Ententraum". Music journalists and critics are head over heels again, praising this record. Recording, Production and Mix: OLAF OPAL LP "Ententraum" - don't sleep on it!

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