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 "Enough (Konn Mix)" by SAMI ROSE25May
can't be bought
"Enough (Konn Mix)" by SAMI ROSE

KONN once again inspires with his skills. This time he takes a chance on newcomer SAMI ROSE's debut single "Enough" (TWST) and gives the track more pep.  Co-Write and Co-Production: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Check out "Enough (Konn Mix)" here.

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AJ Wander - "Blue Lights" Out now!! 24May
Alex Beitzke
AJ Wander - "Blue Lights" Out now!!

There is new music from AJ WANDER (Elevation Recording Group) out today. The epic single "Blue Lights" has it all and hopefully not only moves us in emotionally. Production & Co-Write: ALEX BEITZKE & BRADLEY SPENCE Mix: ALEX BEITZKE Listen to the single here!

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"Wittenberg ist nicht Paris" by Kraftklub20May
Moritz Enders
"Wittenberg ist nicht Paris" by Kraftklub

One thing is certain after listening to the new single from KRAFTKLUB (Universal Music). Wittenberg is not Paris! In their new single, the band criticizes the hypocrisy of many people in big cities. Wittenberg is not Paris" was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the track here!

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SCHMYT releases "Universum regelt" - Album20May
Olsen Involtini
SCHMYT releases "Universum regelt" - Album

We hope that the universe will handle the success of this album, because this long player deserves it more than anything. SCHMYT inspires us all with 14 captivating songs. Convince yourselves! The album was mixed by OLSEN INVOLTINI. Check out "Universum regelt" out!

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"Bis donn" by Dominik Gassner20May
Kiko Masbaum
"Bis donn" by Dominik Gassner

DOMINIK GASSNER (Warner Music) puts us in a good mood with his new single "Bis donn". Therefore we release you with this banger off into the weekend and say "bis donn". Co-Production: KIKO MASBAUM Click here to listen to the single.

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"Spring" by Provinz!16May
Moritz Enders
"Spring" by Provinz!

The guys from PROVINZ (Warner Music) release their new single "Spring" today. You can listen to the epic track now on all streaming platforms. MORITZ ENDERS mixed the single. Listen to "Spring" here!

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