Kiko Masbaum

Produzent, Songwriter, Mixer

* when not working out of his hometown Marl, Kiko works from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or somewhere inbetween

* he is now widely known for his high quality single and radio mixes, combining production expertise and instinct for radio tunes

* works for Max Giesinger, Rea Garvey, Helene Fischer, Nico Santos, Johannes Oerding, Selig,  Roger Cicero, Elen, Stefanie Heinzmann, Unheilig, Max von Milland, Parallel, Jamie-Lee

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Kiko Masbaum

Just recently, showered the BMG team (Bertelsmann Music Group) MAX GIESINGER with a whole series of precious metal awards. The singer and songwriter received triple-gold for the single "80 MILLIONEN" in Germany, as well gold in Switzerland and Austria. For an other Single "LEGENDEN" got MAX GIESINGER gold in Switzerland and for "WENN SIE TANZT" he even got platinum! The singer got gold with the sales of his last album "DIE REISE". Congratulations! Of course MAX GIESINGER thanked his team and his fans. His album "DIE REISE" was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM, as well as the songs "80 MILLIONEN" "LEGENDEN" "WENN SIE TANZT".  Listen to his album "DIE REISE" 

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Jeanette Biedermann with brand new Single
Kiko Masbaum

The multi-talented JEANETTE BIEDERMANN (Polydor/ Island) releases her second single in 2021 today. The track "Weil du lachst" puts a smile on everyone's face. KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single. Listen to the track here.

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Leif Davenport with debut
Kiko Masbaum

LEIF DAVENPORT's debut single is released today. The track is called "The Good Boy". It was written and produced by KIKO MASBAUM and HENNING VERLAGE. Click here for the single.

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Severin von Sydow with "Lissabon."
Kiko Masbaum

Newcomer SEVERIN VON SYDOW is looking for love in his new single "Lissabon.". You can find out whether he will find it there when you listen to the single. The track was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Listen to "Lissabon" now!

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Kiko worked for Unheilig, Roger Cicero, Stefanie Heinzmann and Max Giesinger
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Kiko Masbaum is a successful German producer and songwriter.

For more than 20 years now Kiko Masbaum is well known in the national music industry.

Numerous projects awarded Gold and Platinum speak for themselves. As part of the producer team around the popular German band UNHEILIG he produced some of the most successful records of the past few years.
In 2011 he was even presented with with the ECHO award for "The Best Producer Team" for his work on the Unheilig album "Große Freiheit".
Between 2004 and 2015 he was partner and creative head at Tinseltown Music Productions. At the Maarwegstudio in Cologne he regularly worked withMartin "Fly" Fliegenschmidt, Claudio Pagonis and Cornelius Hager and had very successful cooperations with songwriters such as Christian Neander, Michelle Leonard and Will Simms.

Recklinghausen a tranquil town in the Ruhr Area is where it all began. He taught himself how to play the piano and the guitar, and how to work with sequencer and four-track-recorder followed by first steps in composition, songwriting, mixing and producing.
His wide ranged skills are valued by various artists such as Unheilig, Joachim Witt, Stanfour, Michelle Leonard, Stefanie Heinzmann, Blue, Roger Cicero and just recently by Max Giesinger and Michelle. Success has proven them right!