"U & I"01December
"U & I"

TWOWORLDSAPART release their new single "U & I" together with LANNÉ (Future House Cloud) and Emily J (LoudKult).  Co-wrtiting by BEN and ARNE. Mix & Master by BEN. Co-prod by BEN and ARNE.

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sweetboyblondey - "Wolldecke"01December
sweetboyblondey - "Wolldecke"

TYTUS worked on the newly released album by SWEETBOYBLONDEY (Sweet Family) - "Wolldecke". He was involved in co-writing and co-producing.  Feel free to listen!

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Album-Release - "chapter three" 01December
Frieder Does
Album-Release - "chapter three"

DERY (dery) releases their new album "chapter three".  The album was mixed by FRIEDER DOES.

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Blackout Problems - "GLOFS"24November
Moritz Enders
Blackout Problems - "GLOFS"

The new single "GLOFS" by BLACKOUT PROBLEMS (Sony) feat. Rou Reynolds and Enter Shikari is out! A song for the perfect start to the weekend. Check it out!

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DELA - "NEIN!"24November
Bounce Brothas

DELA (Dela Music) releases her new single "NEIN!". An emotional song about the end of silence. The song was co-written and produced by the Bounce Brothas. Listen to it!

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Cloud Trips & Timur Bambil - "Tiptoeing"17November
Cloud Trips & Timur Bambil - "Tiptoeing"

TIMUR BAMBIL & CLOUD TRIPS (Cloud Trips) release their new single "Tiptoeing".  A good mood song suitable for Friday. Mix by JONES. Listen to it!

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jolle - "diffus" EP17November
jolle - "diffus" EP

"diffus" EP OUT NOW!  Hamburg rapper JOLLE (365XX) releases her new EP.  The perfect start to the weekend. The tracks "weisse lügen" - "peter pan" & "schwarzes wasser" were co-written and produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT. They also mixed and mastered a total of 6 tracks.

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"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW17November
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo
"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW

FARGO (Motor Music) releases his new album "Gutes Gefühl". A great end to the year for our singer-songwriter. Mix & Master by KIKO MASBAUM.  Produktion by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-Write by FARGO, CHRISTIAN NEANDER, NIKO STEGMILLER.   Listen to it!

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Giant Rooks - "Cold Wars"13November
Jochen Naaf
Giant Rooks - "Cold Wars"

GIANT ROOKS are releasing their new single "Cold Wars" in keeping with the season and the increasingly cold temperatures. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF.

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YBRE & Can't Be Bought - "999" Album13November
Paul Jacobi, can'
YBRE & Can't Be Bought - "999" Album

"999" album OUT NOW. YBRE (Groove Attack) and our boys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT released their first album together.  10 strong songs. Co-prod and co-written by. CAN'T BE BOUGHT.  "Balance" co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  Convince yourself!

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Marlon Hammer - "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein"13November
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice
Marlon Hammer - "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein"

MARLON HAMMER releases his new single "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein".  The song is about the thoughts, memories and people that nestle in your head and in your thoughts and "rent" whole rooms.   Prod. & Mix by JONES and ECCI. Listen in!

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Vigo Blax - "Freak"06November
Jones, Vigo Blax
Vigo Blax - "Freak"

The wait is over. VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) finally released his new single "Freak". Co-write & prod. by VIGO BLAX and JONES.

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Fargo - "Leuchtturm"06November
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo
Fargo - "Leuchtturm"

FARGO (Motor Music) released his new single "Leuchtturm" on 03.11.23. A great song about being a parent and the passing of time. Co-written by FARGO and NIKO STEGMILLER. Produced by NIKO STEGMILLER.

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Trille - "Aus meiner Haut"20October
Jochen Naaf
Trille - "Aus meiner Haut"

"Aus meiner Haut". This is the name of the new single by TRILLE. A song about expressing true feelings and the difficulties behind it. Co-write JOCHEN NAAF.

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YBRE - "Hass"20October
YBRE - "Hass"

Our guys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT were involved in the whole process of the single release of YBRE (Groove Attack).  Listen to "Hass".

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DAMONA - "Rotten Soul"20October
Olsen Involtini, Christian Neander
DAMONA - "Rotten Soul"

DAMONA (superpolrecords) finally has her second EP out. "Rotten Soul" is fun! Prod. and co-write by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Mix by OLSEN INVOLTINI.

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DUNKL - "Unter die Haut"20October
DUNKL - "Unter die Haut"

The new single from DUNKL goes literally "Unter die Haut". Let yourself be stunned by the lyrics and listen! Prod. by CAN'T BE BOUGHT & Mix / Master by BEN WALTER.

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In summary: September & October16October
Frieder Does
In summary: September & October

FRIEDER DOES worked on a couple of new releases in the last 2 months.  On the one hand he produced ANTJE SCHOMAKERS (BMG) new single "Snacks", which was released in early September. FRIEDER also mixed and co-produced some of the songs on the album of the same name.  Furthermore NICO LASKA (Munich Warehouse) released a new single. With "one night talk" he expands the pop scene.  Mix by FRIEDER DOES. Also the ROOFTOP SAILORS (Horse On The Grill Records) enriched September with their new single "New High". Prod. and Mix by FRIEDER.

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