"Bassline" by TwoWorldsApart OUT NOW! 24January
"Bassline" by TwoWorldsApart OUT NOW!

TwoWorldsApart declare their release year 2020 open with their new single "Bassline" (via Clapmode). And the next releases are already in the pipeline... Of course Spotify Playlist Dance Brandneu had to include "Bassline"! Why- take a listen!

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JOHNOSSI are back with the new single "Echoes" 24January
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
JOHNOSSI are back with the new single "Echoes"

JOHNOSSI (BMG Rights Management) announce their new LP to be released in spring 2020 and send the new single "Echoes" ahead!  Production and Mix: PELLE GUNNERFELDT The music video for the single "Echoes" uses footage of the black and white horror movie "Night Of The Living Dead".  Listen to the single here and watch the video here

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New single by TIM KAMRAD "Outside"24January
Eki von Nice, NICE
New single by TIM KAMRAD "Outside"

Today TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) releases his new single "Outside"! EKI from NICE produced and mixed "Outside" NICE also co-wrote the song Currently TIM KAMRAD is supporting Adel Tawil on his arena tour through Germany, in March 2020 he'll be back with his very own TIM KAMRAD club tour Listen to the single "Outside" and check the latest tour dates

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Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding! OST out now! 10January
Jem, Tobias Röger
Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding! OST out now!

The movie on UDO LINDENBERG's youth and his way to become one of Germany's biggest rockstars LINDENBERG! MACH DEIN DING! will be in cinemas on January 16th! Today you can already get in the modd with the Original Soundtrack incl. original songs, the title track "Niemals dran gezweifelt" and four UDO LINDENBERG songs performed by leading actor Jan Bülow. Recording, production and mix of the 4 songs sung by Jan Bülow by Peter Jem Seifert and Henrik Menzel The title track "Niemals dran gezweifelt" was co-written by Tobias Röger and produced and mixed by Peter Jem Seifert und Henrik Menzel Listen to the sountrack of Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding! and watch the trailer here

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ZWO EINS RISIKO with "Plastik" on a green mission10January
Sandi Strmljan
ZWO EINS RISIKO with "Plastik" on a green mission

With their new song "Plastik" (NAPA Recordings) ZWO EINS RISIKO point out the growing problem of plastic in the ocean! Plastic as a ticking time bomb with massiv rock sound and critical lyrics, visualized drastically in the music video. SANDI STRMLJAN produced and mixed "Plastik" Everything they earn with this song will go to the organisation Plasticontrol Listen to the song here and definitely check out the Video for "Plastik" (you'll need strong nerves)

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TwoWorldsApart feat Joseph Feinstein - "Mirages"13December
TwoWorldsApart, Joseph Feinstein
TwoWorldsApart feat Joseph Feinstein - "Mirages"

The producer and artist duo TWOWORLSAPART released their new song "Mirages" featuring JOSEPH FEINSTEIN (Clapmode) today. The song was written by TWOWORLDSAPART together with JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. TWOWORLDSAPART produced the song. Listen to "Mirages" here!

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Odd Couple with "Fahr ich in den Urlaub rein"13December
O.L.A.F. Opal
Odd Couple with "Fahr ich in den Urlaub rein"

The duo ODD COUPLE released their new single "Fahr ich in den Urlaub rein" (Geld Records) as a first glimpse of their upcoming album. The band is known for their funny and self-ironic texts which are always funny to listen to. OLAF OPAL produced and mixed the single. Listen to the song here!

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Annual charts 2019 - Rammstein and Udo Lindenberg in TOP 311December
Jem, Olsen Involtini
Annual charts 2019 - Rammstein and Udo Lindenberg in TOP 3

We're fast approaching the end of 2019 - which means we get to celebrate the most successful LPs of the year, determined by GfK Entertainment. For the 8th year in a row the #1 is occupied by a German artist! RAMMSTEIN outshine everybody this year, with their selftitled LP (260.000 sales in 7 days, 4 weeks on No. 1, 18 weeks in the Top 10) and rightfully claim their place on the top of this years annual charts. Production and mix: OLSEN INVOLTINI together with the band UDO LINDENBERG (Dolce Rita) delivered one of the most successful Lps of the year reaching 3rd place with his LP "MTV Unplugged 2 - Live vom Atlantik". Production and Mix: Peter JEM Seifert and HENRIK MENZEL Congratulations!

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"Dragonfly" by Roxy Tones and Joseph Feinstein out now06December
Joseph Feinstein
"Dragonfly" by Roxy Tones and Joseph Feinstein out now

Producer Roxy Tones releases his new track "Dragonfly" via We Are Diamond vocal support on this track is singer-songwriter JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. "Dragonfly" by Roxy Tones feat. Joseph Feinstein

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Giant Rooks win the 1Live Krone sponsered price06December
Jochen Naaf
Giant Rooks win the 1Live Krone sponsered price

Yesterday the indie band GIANT ROOKS won the 1Live Krone sponsored price. The host surprised the band with the price after he made them do their own laudation. JOCHEN NAAF produced and mixed their EP's "New Estate" and "Wild Stare". Watch the video from the award show here!

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Melisa Carolina with "La Chica"06December
Bounce Brothas
Melisa Carolina with "La Chica"

The German, Turkish, Cuban singer MELISA CAROLINA released her third single "La Chica"(Epic Records) today. Melisa likes to mix her three languages in her lyrics and creates a very nice Hip Hop, latin and oriental vibe through that. The BOUNCE BROTHAS co-wrote and produced the single. Listen to the song here!

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"Half A Decent Man" the new single by ferdinant. 06December
"Half A Decent Man" the new single by ferdinant.

Singer-songwriter ferdinant. releases his second single "Half A Decent Man" today. Co-Written by FABIAN STRANDBERG Listen to ferdinant. here

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PARALLEL release new single "10 Sekunden (Dieci Secondi)"06December
Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum
PARALLEL release new single "10 Sekunden (Dieci Secondi)"

Today the duo PARALLEL (Boutique Records) releases the new single "10 Sekunden". In Italian that's "Dieci Secondi", who knows more Italian than that will like this single even better for it is in German and Italian. TOBIAS RÖGER co-wrote and produced the single KIKO MASBAUM mixed it On top of that PARALLEL also present their video for the single. Well then... "Via"! Listen to "10 Sekunden" or watch the video here 

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Liedfett in 3G 06December
Simon Jäger
Liedfett in 3G

LIEDFETT (ferryhouse) are "Geil, Geil, Geil", at least that's what they say in their new single "3G".  SIMON JÄGER mixed the single Who also believes that LIEDFETT are that great casually follow me

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Keno – „Was ist deine Geschichte“01December
Willy Löster
Keno – „Was ist deine Geschichte“

A song that crawls under skin plays the mainpart of this years ARD-Christmascampaign. Performed by the MOOP MAMA lead singer KENO (MUTTERKOMPLEX). WILLY LÖSTER mixed the track „Was ist deine Geschichte“. Listen to the song here!

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New GIL OFARIM single from the upcoming LP29November
Jem, Christian Neander
New GIL OFARIM single from the upcoming LP

Today GIL OFARIM (Electrola/Starwatch) releases his first single "Ein Teil von mir" from the upcoming LP "Alles auf Hoffnung". It will be the artist's first LP with songs only in German to be released on February 28th 2020. Peter JEM Seifert produced the single together with CHRISTIAN NEANDER who also co-wrote the song, MORITZ ENDERS mixed the single   Listen to "Ein Teil von mir" here

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Silbermond enter German LP charts on #1 25November
Moritz Enders
Silbermond enter German LP charts on #1

After 10 years SILBERMOND (Sony Music) enter the German LP charts on numer 1 with their 6th studio LP "Schritte" released on November 15th MORITZ ENDERS produced the LP together with Alex Freund and Thomas Stolle and also mixed it. Check out their Schritte Live Tour starting in Kanuary 2020 Find more infos on Live dates here

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Fargo with "Danke"22November
Falk-Arne Gossler
Fargo with "Danke"

FALK-ARNE GOSSLER alias FRAGO released his new single "Danke" (Motor Music) today. The song is an acknowledgement to all the people in life who stick to you no matter how hard life gets. FALK-ARNE GOSSLER wrote the sing and performed it as FARGO. Listen to the single here or Watch the music video here!

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