Kiko Masbaum

Just recently, showered the BMG team (Bertelsmann Music Group) MAX GIESINGER with a whole series of precious metal awards. The singer and songwriter received triple-gold for the single "80 MILLIONEN" in Germany, as well gold in Switzerland and Austria. For an other Single "LEGENDEN" got MAX GIESINGER gold in Switzerland and for "WENN SIE TANZT" he even got platinum! The singer got gold with the sales of his last album "DIE REISE". Congratulations! Of course MAX GIESINGER thanked his team and his fans. His album "DIE REISE" was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM, as well as the songs "80 MILLIONEN" "LEGENDEN" "WENN SIE TANZT".  Listen to his album "DIE REISE" 

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"Wir haben Platz" by TYNA 30July
Simon Jäger
"Wir haben Platz" by TYNA

Your weekly German punk rock delivery is made by TYNA this week. She releases her new single "Wir haben Platz" (Schallauge) today. The song is about her thoughts to refugee aid and the right to a free and happy life for everyone. Mix: SIMON JÄGER Listen to TYNA's new single here 

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Moti x Ilira - "Sushi" 30July
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
Moti x Ilira - "Sushi"

For his new single "Sushi" (ZEROCOOLREC.COM) producer and DJ MOTi gets vocal support by German singer ILIRA. Co-Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER Check it out!

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New single by Diana Goldberg28July
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter, Joseph Feinstein
New single by Diana Goldberg

Munich based singer DIANA GOLDBERG releases her new single "BLACKBLUEYELLOW" (CloudKid) today. Co-written, produced and mixed by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Mastering: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER Check Out the single here

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Jasmin Wagner's back with new LP23July
Christoph Papendieck
Jasmin Wagner's back with new LP

JASMIN WAGNER is back with her new LP "Von Herzen" (Mirabella/Schubert Music) including 12 songs with new Electro Schlager sound. CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK and SERHAT SAKIN co-wrote and produced 3 songs of the LP, "Regentropfen“, „Hauptsache Du“ and „Lass Los“  

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"Shadows" (yuma. remix) 23July
"Shadows" (yuma. remix)

Today go and check out the yuma. remix of the single "Shadows" (Chill Your Mind) released back in May by PNAUMA with TWOWORLDSAPART and DAN SOLEIL!

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"Ocean / 6pm" - double feature by Vigo Blax 23July
Vigo Blax
"Ocean / 6pm" - double feature by Vigo Blax

Just like two birds with one stone, VIGO BLAX hit us with the release of their new singles "Ocean" and "6pm" as double feature. And of course they present a stunning visual with it.

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New Ellipso Single 23July
New Ellipso Single

It's Release Friday again! And today ELLIPSO join the party releasing their new single "We Found Love" together with  LUNAX and MORPHEUS.  

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"Weit Weg" by ÆSTROID16July
"Weit Weg" by ÆSTROID

Hamburg artist ÆSTROID releases his new single "Weit Weg" (Ivorytowe Records) produced by  BEATBROTHERS and Midastro today. BEATBROTHERS also co-wrote this track. . "Weit Weg" - ÆSTROID on Spotify

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New single by Moti x Crispie 16July
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
New single by Moti x Crispie

For his new single MOTi collaborates with CRISPIE. Together they release "I Just Came Here To Get High" (ZEROCOOLREC.COM) Co-Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER Check Out the single

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New EP by Scott Quinn09July
Alex Beitzke
New EP by Scott Quinn

SCOTT QUINN sweetens our weekend with his new EP "BETTER FOR ME". Besides three already released singles, the latest track "Hands Across the Table" can also be heard on the EP. The project was mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. Listen to the songs here!

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Lou Bega zurück with new single09July
Roland Spremberg
Lou Bega zurück with new single

The 90s hit "Bongo Bong" by Manu Chao gets a new flair. LOU BEGA (Universal Music) is releasing his own version today, along with a music video. The new version was produced by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Click here for the single. And here for the music video.

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Jeanette Biedermann with brand new Single09July
Kiko Masbaum
Jeanette Biedermann with brand new Single

The multi-talented JEANETTE BIEDERMANN (Polydor/ Island) releases her second single in 2021 today. The track "Weil du lachst" puts a smile on everyone's face. KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single. Listen to the track here.

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New single "Solo" by Fil Bo Riva 02July
Moritz Enders
New single "Solo" by Fil Bo Riva

FIL BO RIVA doesn't need a lot of show, smoke and fireworks for his music. With his new single "Solo" (Humming Records) he again proves that a strong voice, soft melodies and turned down instruments can be enough. We love it! Mix: MORITZ ENDERS Listen to "Solo" here

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yuma. - "Renegade" 02July
Joseph Feinstein
yuma. - "Renegade"

Listen to the new single of the young Producer yuma. from Frankfurt called "Renegade" (Lilly Era) today - wherever you get your music. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN co-wrote the single "Renegade" on Spotify

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New DAS BO EP "Live Young, Die Old." 02July
Luis Baltes
New DAS BO EP "Live Young, Die Old."

DAS BO is going solo again and releases his EP "Live Young, Die Old." (Formula76/DAS BO) with five new songs and special guests. LUIS BALTES is part of the songs "Was du brauchst (FSSS)" and "Kaum Zeit Kontinuum" as artist and Writer The EP is this way

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"Loco Loco" Moti, Captain Jack & Gerson Rafael 02July
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
"Loco Loco" Moti, Captain Jack & Gerson Rafael

Attention all 90's lovers! This collaboration by Amsterdam Producer MOTi with singer songwriter GERSON RAFAEL from Rotterdam and 90's Jahre Dance-Pop legend CAPTAIN JACK will make your heart beat faster and your feet move. Check out the single "Loco Loco" ( Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER "Loco Loco" here

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New music by VILLFORTH02July
Joseph Feinstein
New music by VILLFORTH

The young Berlin artist VILLFORTH releases her new single "Closer To Me" today. The song can now be heard on all streaming platforms. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN produced and co-wrote the song. Listen to the single here.

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