Oja Tunes produce JONDO19January
Oja Tunes
Oja Tunes produce JONDO

OJA Tunes are hitting off the the new year with the production of the new Jondo album (Four Music / Columbia / Sony) – and this together with studio neighbour and work mate Olsen Involtini.

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Moritz Enders mixes Madsen & Roman Fischer19January
Moritz Enders mixes Madsen & Roman Fischer

Upon successful completion of the production and mix of the Revolverheld album (Sony), Moritz has locked himself in his new mixing base, Maarweg Studio 3, to give Madsen and Roman Fischer (Universal) the final touch. 

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The Life Between PHOTOGRAPH Raffle19January
Golden Gate Management
The Life Between PHOTOGRAPH Raffle

The Life Between’s new single release, ’Photograph’ coincides with the band’s invitation to a photo competition:   ‘Show us your best summer photos!’ hails the theme. No less than two iPods, cameras and other great prizes are up for grabs.

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Michael ilbert Turbostaat, Eagle Eye Cherry, Casablanca19January
Michael Ilbert
Michael ilbert Turbostaat, Eagle Eye Cherry, Casablanca

The Wizzard of mix has mixed 15 album last year - shortly before Christmas on the console: Turbostaat (XNO Records/Warner), Livingston (Universal) and HerbertGrönemeyer (EMI). Michael is currently in the studio with Max Martin recording new songs for Eagle Eye Cherry before he will start mixing an album of Swedish band Casablanca.

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Jochen Schmalbach Rammstein remix19January
Jochen Schmalbach Rammstein remix

Jochen has remixed the Rammstein single "Ich Tu Dir Weh". His version will be featured on the upcoming single release.  Furthermore he produced the single from the new album of singer songwriter Kellner (Südpolmusic ).

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Jochen Naaf mixed Rock It19January
Jochen Naaf mixed Rock It

Jochen finished up mixing songs for cinema movie "Rock It" (Sam Film / Walt Disney), a high school musical.

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Andreas Herbig & Jem produce Roy Seven19January
Andreas Herbig, Produzenten, Jem
Andreas Herbig & Jem produce Roy Seven

Andreas Herbig and Jem are producing Irish band Roy Seven (Roadrunner) in Boogie Park studios, Hamburg.

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Eike Freese: The Dark Age19January
Eike Freese
Eike Freese: The Dark Age

Eike dedicated the last month of last year to his own band The Dark Age, completing the production of new album Avedia (AFM/Soulfood) and touring France.

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Carsten Heller - mix & production18January
Produzenten, Carsten Heller
Carsten Heller - mix & production

Carsten is currently producing and mixing 2 songs for the new Paulsrekorder album (Ferryhouse).

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Andreas Herbig & Jem "Ich & Ich" Triple One!27November
Andreas Herbig & Jem "Ich & Ich" Triple One!

The new ICH & ICH album "Gute Reise" produced by Andreas Herbig and co-produced by Jem went straight from zero to one!

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Wolfgang Stach: German Recordings with Gunter Gabriel27November
Wolfgang Stach: German Recordings with Gunter Gabriel

The Gunter Gabriel comeback album "Son of the People" has been released. Produced and mixed by Wolfgang Stach - realized in months of work in his Maarwegstudio in Cologne.

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Jochen Naaf & Jem - Jennifer Rostock - Twilight15October
Jochen Naaf, Jem
Jochen Naaf & Jem - Jennifer Rostock - Twilight

Jochen Naaf and Jennifer Rostock have produced the brand new song "Es Tut Wieder Weh", mixed by JEM."Es Tut Wieder Weh" will be released exclusively on the soundtrack for the second film in the Twilight Saga New Moon ", on which also exclusive songs from Muse, Thom Yorke and The Killers are to hear. Release: 16.10.2009

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Moritz Enders: Move, Revolverheld, Livingston14September
Moritz Enders
Moritz Enders: Move, Revolverheld, Livingston

Moritz has opened his new home base in Maarwegstudio 2 at Wolfgang Stach in Cologne

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 "Sign Language" chart entry26November
Moritz Enders, Michael Ilbert
"Sign Language" chart entry

Congratulations to Livingston and Universal Domestic for the entry of the debut album "Sign Language" in the German charts at position 16.

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 Ilbert & Spremberg: New A-ha single26November
Michael Ilbert
Ilbert & Spremberg: New A-ha single

"Nothing is keeping you here" - that is the title of the current A-ha single, recently produced by Roland Spremberg and was mixed by Michael Ilbert.

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 Moritz Enders - new Revolverheld album26November
Moritz Enders
Moritz Enders - new Revolverheld album

It's done, after more than 3 months, Moritz completed the production and the mix of the new Revolverheld album (Sony).

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Ilbert mixed Tocotronic & 2 Raumwohnung 28October
Michael Ilbert
Ilbert mixed Tocotronic & 2 Raumwohnung

Michael Ilbert is in great demand - he just has mixed the Tocotronic single "Macht Es Nicht Selbst" (Universal) and the 2 Raumwohnung single "Rette Mich Später" (EMI) for the radio.

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GGM welcomes Carsten Heller02October
Carsten Heller
GGM welcomes Carsten Heller

We are pleased to announce that we welcome our first Danish producer Carsten Heller  in our team. Carsten has climbed as the producer of "Nephew", one of the most successful Danish band, already the local chart and platinum sky. Carsten probably belongs to a select circle in Europe could create a remix of Timbaland. His recent work in brief:• Remix Aloha From Hell - Can You Hear Me Boys (Sony)• Production and mix of the new album "Danmark Denmark" of the Danish band NEPHEW. Nephew got in at # 1 on the Danish album charts.

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