Jochen Naaf

Produzent, Mixer, Songwriter

* a true master in blending genres - varying from Electronic-Pop and alternative guitars, mixing electronic sounds with live recordings
* Multi-Platinum and Gold awarded
* Echo nominated producer 
* Radio mixes and remixes for Lady Gaga, Emeli Sande, Aura Dione amongst others
* based in Cologne, Germany at his Topspin Hangar studio complex

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New Giant Rooks single "Misinterpretations"
Jochen Naaf

With their new single "Misinterpretations" out today, GIANT ROOKS (Irrsinn Tonträger / Universal Music) are one step closer to releasing their LP "Rookery".   Co-Writing and Production: JOCHEN NAAF The LP is due on August 28th and we can't wait! Listen to "Misinterpretations" and all previous singles here

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Giant rooks veröffentlichen neue Single "Heat Up"
Jochen Naaf

After the singles "Watershed" and "What I Know Is All Quicksand" the guys from GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN Tonträger) now release their next song "Heat Up". The track was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Listen to "Heat Up" now!

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giant rooks back with new single
Jochen Naaf

The German indi-pop band from Hamm GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN Tontröger) is releasing a new single today. After the success of "Watershed", they follow up with the single "What I Know Is All Quicksand". The song was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Listen to the track now!!

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VIMES release new single "Warm"
Jochen Naaf

Last Friday - Cologne electro duo VIMES presented their new track "Warm" - released via Papercup Records "Warm" is co-written and co-produced by JOCHEN NAAF Listen to VIMES' "Warm" here

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Jochen worked for Bosse, Giant Rooks, Maxim, Lina Maly, Sway Clarke, Lady Gaga and many more.

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