Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

* JONES aka Jonas Markschat is producer, mixing engineer and producer based in Bochum, Germany 
* Co-Writer and co-producer from summer hit „I Believe“ by KAMRAD, which reached #5 in the German Airplay Charts and #10 in Europe 
* Roots in the beat genre, mainly melodic hip hop, trap but also pop
* Most recents works with KAMRAD, Souly, Vigo Blax, Loco Candy

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Cloud Trips & Timur Bambil - "Tiptoeing"

TIMUR BAMBIL & CLOUD TRIPS (Cloud Trips) release their new single "Tiptoeing".  A good mood song suitable for Friday. Mix by JONES. Listen to it!

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Marlon Hammer - "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein"
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

MARLON HAMMER releases his new single "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein".  The song is about the thoughts, memories and people that nestle in your head and in your thoughts and "rent" whole rooms.   Prod. & Mix by JONES and ECCI. Listen in!

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Vigo Blax - "Freak"
Jones, Vigo Blax

The wait is over. VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) finally released his new single "Freak". Co-write & prod. by VIGO BLAX and JONES.

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Philine Sonny - "Drugs"
Jones, Kiko Masbaum

KIKO and JONES collaborated on the new single by Philine Sonny (Nettwerk Music). It is called "Drugs". Mix by KIKO and Drum rec. by JONES.

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Jonas Markschat, called JONES, is a songwriter, mixer and producer living in Bochum, where he is part of the "Kanal 24" studio.

His roots are mainly in the beat genre, especially in melodic hip hop and trap, but he also likes to play in the pop genre. And very successfully too, as the single "I Believe" by KAMRAD, which he co-wrote and co-produced, proves. This is one of the 2022 summer hits and became Top 5 in the German Aiplay Charts and Top 10 Europe-wide.

His recent collaborations have been with artists such as KAMRAD, Souly, Vigo Blax, Big Shrimp Ace, Loco Candy, Rogers, Marlon Hammer and several more. JONES also works closely with the multi-award-winning songwriting duo "NICE", who collaborate a lot with the German pop world.

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