Joseph Feinstein


* Songwriter, topliner and electronic pop singer from Berlin.

* Releases on labels like NCS, TrapNation, Protocol Recordings and CloudKid

* Cuts with Nicky Romero, Vinai, Ray Dalton, ItaloBrothers and James Carter.

* Writings for artists such as Ellipso, Tomine Harket, Loris Cimino, Henri Purnell, Donskoy, RUUTH, Updog and Malou.

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Summer Releases
Joseph Feinstein

JOSPEH FEINSTEIN is collaborating on a couple of new releases over the summer. OKKUPADO released their album "TELLYOUWHAT!" on which JOSEPH co-wrote the songs "GTFO" and "TELLYOUWHAT".  He also did the co-write on ROC DUBLOC's (Protocol Recordings) new track "Otherside". On 01.09. VILLFORTH released their new single "All I Want Is Everything". Again JOSEPH did the co-write and production.  Feel free to listen!

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new okkupado single
Joseph Feinstein

Finally it's out, the new OKKUPADO single "Timebomb". A mega track for the weekend, enjoy it. Co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to "Timebomb" here.

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"Unikat" by m!co
Joseph Feinstein

Berlin's M!CO released his new single "Unikat", a mixture of German pop and rap with gospel and soul influences. A great song.  Co-produced and co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.  Listen to "Unikat" here.

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Dance with Tensnake and Ninetails
Joseph Feinstein

TENSNAKE and NINETAILS (Armada Music) released their new dance number "Bodytalk". From the irresistible grooves to the boisterous disco vibe, this song will have people dancing all night long.  Co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to "Bodytalk" here.

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Joseph Feinstein is an Berlin based songwriter, topliner and electronic Pop singer from Berlin.
Growing up in an international family of artists and musicians music runs in his blood. He started playing the piano at the age of 4 and soon began writing, singing and producing his own songs. Joseph studied music production in berlin and songwriting in London cultivating his profound knowledge of music theory. His style combines electronic sounds, with classic songwriting and oriental influences.
Combining all this different influences Joseph is an allrounder and unique songwriter not limited to genres.
He has in involved in writing songs for artists from all over the world.