Bounce Brothas

Produzenten, Songwriter

* highly acclaimed and Echo nominated Producer-Duo 

* various Top 10 Single & Album productions

* recently Gold awarded for their work on rap superstar Bausa’s single „Vagabund"

* collaborations with the Who-is-Who in the German urban scene 

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Bounce Brothas

DELA (Dela Music) releases her new single "NEIN!". An emotional song about the end of silence. The song was co-written and produced by the Bounce Brothas. Listen to it!

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Bounce Brothas

... the BOUNCE BROTHAS have collaborated on great new releases.  On 07.07. HAIYTI (Hayiti Rec.) made our German rap scene happy with their new track "Sag mir". Definitely listen to it, but watch out "denn es gibt kein'n Weg zurück". Co-Write & Prod. by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. In September there were two releases from DELA (Dela Music). In "Dangerous" and "Climax" she wrapped her soft voice in expressive lyrics. Co-Write, Prod. & Mix by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Last but not least: THEO JUNIOR with his new single "Eines Tages". Also Co-Write & Prod. by the BOUNCE BROTHAS.

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Theo Junior - "Eines Tages"
Bounce Brothas

"Ich hab' lang auf dich gewartet, yeah".  Finally there is something new from THEO JUNIOR (Groove Attack). With his new single "Eines Tages" he dedicates himself especially to his female fans. Our BOUNCE BROTHERS were involved in the co-write and production. Listen to it!

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dela - "dangerous"
Bounce Brothas

DELA (Universal Music) releases her new single "Dangerous". A soft voice wrapped in a strong song. Produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. You can listen to the single here.

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The BOUNCE BROTHAS worked for Haftbefehl, Olexesh, Bausa and Rola

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The Bounce Brothas, are a producer duo formed of Khaled El Hawi and Jeff Boadi, releasing music since 2006, out of infamous Offenbach, Germany. They are an already well established producer team for popular German urban and Hip Hop acts. 

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