Ecci von Nice

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

* From current urban pop sounds, to German Schlager (Helene Fischer) to a classic band set up in the alternative field (Madsen, Auletta), with Ecci the most diverse genres are in good hands

* Coming from production and mixing, Ecci is also in demand as a songwriter within the duo NICE. His famous cuts are with Christina Stürmer, Helene Fischer, Lina Maly, I Am Jerry and KAMRAD

* Ecci works from Berlin as well as from Bochum

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MARLON HAMMER - "Angenehm kühl"
Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

There she is! The new single "Angenehm kühl" from MARLON HAMMER (Energie). The perfect track to cool down after the hot summer days.  Written by MARLON HAMMER himself. Produced by ECCI. Here you can enjoy the track!

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BIG SHRIMP ACE with "Jede Nacht"
Big Shrimp Ace, Jones, Ecci von Nice, NICE

"Jede Nacht" (Golddamn) is the name of the new title of BIG SHRIMP ACE. In his new song he sings about the known love and how hard it is at night.. The song was co-written by JONES, ECCI & KOTSCHE Produziert von: JONES Click here for the song!

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Finally, the new KAMRAD single is out!
Jones, Ecci von Nice, NICE

We had to wait a long time, but finally it's here, the new single by KAMRAD (Epic Records). It's called "Feel Alive" and is the follow-up single to his last hit "I believe" and is already a huge success. It was placed on the Pop Brandneu cover of the Spotify playlist and can also be found in many other playlists. Co-Write: JONAS MARSCHAT, Team NICE (ECCI + KOTSCHE)  Co-Production: JONES, ECCI  Listen to "Feel Alive" here. 

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Marlon Hammer "Live vom Teppich"
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

MARLON HAMMER (Energie) is released his acoustic EP "Live vom Teppich" today, with 4 songs on it, 3 of which are brand new. In addition, there is a great video from the session for each song, check it out.  All songs were written by MARLON HAMMER himself.  They were produced by JONES and ECCI.  Here you can listen to the acoustic EP.

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Ecci von Nice worked for Christina Stürmer, Tim Kamrad, Helene Fischer, I Am Jerry and many more.

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