Ecci von Nice

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

* Multi Gold and Platinum-Award winning Produzent und Songwriter
* Produced and wrote big airplay hits in DE & EU like KAMRAD's "I Believe" (Peak #4 / third most played song on radio (DE) 2022)
"Feel Alive" (Peak #1) and "I Hope You End Up Alone" (Peak #3)
* Single cuts and productions with Michael Patrick Kelly, Christina Stürmer, Helene Fischer, ...
* Artist development, currently Marlon Hammer and GRXAY

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Release Update
Ecci von Nice

Producer and songwriter ECCI has been involved in several releases recently.  CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Sony) celebrated her 20th anniversary on stage. Her MTV Unplugged album was released on March 15 to mark the occasion. The song "Seite an Seite", which can also be found on the album, was co-written by ECCI.  KAMRAD (Epic) shone with a new air play hit. On 01.03. he released his new single "So Good". The single will definitely put you in a good mood and should definitely not be missing from your summer playlist! ECCI also co-wrote and produced the song together with JONES.  "Es tut mir leid" and "Anders Sein" are the new releases from Bochum-based MARLON HAMMER (Energie). A powerful voice with deep messages.  Co-produced by ECCI. Have a listen!

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Marlon Hammer - "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein"
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

MARLON HAMMER releases his new single "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein".  The song is about the thoughts, memories and people that nestle in your head and in your thoughts and "rent" whole rooms.   Prod. & Mix by JONES and ECCI. Listen in!

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MARLON HAMMER - "Angenehm kühl"
Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

There she is! The new single "Angenehm kühl" from MARLON HAMMER (Energie). The perfect track to cool down after the hot summer days.  Written by MARLON HAMMER himself. Produced by ECCI. Here you can enjoy the track!

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BIG SHRIMP ACE with "Jede Nacht"
Big Shrimp Ace, Jones, Ecci von Nice, NICE

"Jede Nacht" (Golddamn) is the name of the new title of BIG SHRIMP ACE. In his new song he sings about the known love and how hard it is at night.. The song was co-written by JONES, ECCI & KOTSCHE Produziert von: JONES Click here for the song!

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Ecci von Nice worked for Christina Stürmer, Tim Kamrad, Helene Fischer, I Am Jerry and many more.

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