Christian Neander

Produzent, Songwriter, Musiker

* Berlin based, internationally working producer and songwriter

* Multi Gold- and Platinum awarded

* founder, songwriter and guitarist of his own band SELIG

* he recently worked with artists like Alec Benjamin, Mark Forster, Svrcina, Michael Patrick Kelly, Elen, Gil Ofarim und Royal Republic


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Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander

BAYUK releases his new single "Secrets" (Monchique/Groenland Records) and sends us into a relaxing weekend today. Production & Co-written: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM here you go to the relaxed weekend

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Fargo x Martin Trevy "Gutes Gefühl" (Remix)
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander, Falk-Arne Gossler

The original version has over 3.5 million streams on Spotify so far. Now FARGO releases together with MARTIN TREVY the song "Gutes Gefühl" as a remix.    Writing: FALK-ARNE ZEISEWEIS, CHRISTIAN NEANDER & NIKO STEGMILLER Co-Produced: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Here you can go to the Song

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Angus Powell - "Holding Up The Heavy"
Jem, Christian Neander

We think ANGUS has found the matching words: "I'd like to spin it for anyone who’s not where they thought they would be in 2021, anyone who’s trying to navigate a way through and everyone who's "Holding Up The Heavy"." - ANGUS POWELL (Halogen Music) ANGUS POWELL wrote this track in Berlin with CHRISTIAN NEANDER and JEM, who also produced and mixed it. Click here for the Song

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Bayuk - "Head Under Waves" out now!!
Christian Neander

BAYUK (Monchique/Groenland Records) releases his new single "Head Under Waves" today. Listen to the single now on all streaming platforms! CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single. Head here for the single.

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Christian Neander is multiple Platinum and Gold awarded producer, songwriter & guitarist with his own recording studio in Berlin. He's also widely known as the founder, guitarist and songwriter of the German band SELIG.

His experience and taste make him an outstanding songwriter and producer with a clear vision for all his projects. He works big German artists like Mark Forster, Elif, Christina Stürmer,  Pohlmann, Niels Frevert, Echt, Selig as well as international acts, such as Danish shooting star Alexander Oscar, Samu Habe, Alec Benjamin, Petter Ericson, Michael Patrick Kelly, Royal Republic and many more.

recent projects:

writing and production of the German Singer/Songwriter Elen. Debut Single „Hallo“ and LP tracks (Universal)

writing and production Gil Ofarim Debut Single „Ein Teil von mir“ (Electrola)

production LP incl. singles Royal Republic „Club Majesty (Nuclear Blast)

music production of the image commercials for Truu Water. Song: True Love

The soundtrack for "Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door", "Der Pirat" (ZDF) and "Liebeslied" are also to his credit