Producers, Songwriters, Remixers

* High in demand production from Berlin & Hamburg

* Write, Produce & Mix for various acts such as Kalim, 1986zig, Makar, 
Badchieff, Alicia Awa, MOTi, Lucky Luke

* Are the creative heads of the acclaimed dance project TwoWorldsApart

* Nationally working with up & coming left-field pop & rap acts

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... our producer duo has provided again for some new tracks. Here is an overview for you! On 30.06. the single "Verpassen" by DARWIN MILLER (Sony) was released which was produced and co-written by the guys. In July there were several realeses. Produced and co-written were among others on "Mondlicht" by ERBY, YBRE ft. Loufre (Universal) and on HANNA NOIR's new track "WASWENN!!".  Also in NIKANs (Sony) "bittersüss" album, which was released in July, our duo produced some songs diligently! Last but not least, Ben co-wrote JOLLE's (PIAS) latest release "Schwarzes Wasser", which was released just last week. Produced by our duo together again.

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Releases by can'

Here is an overview of the latest CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT releases from May and early June.  On the 12.05. "PISSTEST POSITIV" by YY and UNTER OBSI (Urban) was released, which our boys produced.  On the 26.05. "Verdächtig" by DARWIN MILLER ft. JALIL (GOLD LEAGUE), strong track! Co-written, co-produced and mastered by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. One the 09.06.the NIKAN (Sony Music) EP was released. "B+" and some other tracks were co-produced and co-written by them. Furthermore, the single "16. Etage" by KATHA PAUER was released today, which they mixed and mastered. And last but not least "Ocean" by LUCA KAMINSKI (Groove Attack), mastered by the two. Happy Weekend!

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"Scherben" - YBRE x ANTHI x can'

"Scherben" is the name of the new single from YBRE x ANTHI x CANT'T.BE.BOUGHT (Polydor x Island Records). Simply amazing what they have conjured from the original. Be sure to check it out.  Co-written and produced by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT.  You can listen to "Scherben" here.

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Luca Kaminski - "Zu dir und mir"

Newcomer LUCA KAMINSKI (Groove Attack) releases his new single "Zu dir und mir". A song that stays in your head.  Mix & Master by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. Listen to "Zu dir und mir" here.

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"can'" aka Arne Behnfeldt and Ben Walter are producers living in Hamburg and Berlin. They collaborate nationally with up-and-coming rap and pop artists and their 
their productions are regularly included in major national playlists such as New Music Friday, Deutschrap Brandneu and Modus Mio and some have over several million streams.

Most recently, the pair have worked with artists such as Kalim, 1986zig, Makar, 
Badchieff, Alicia Awa, MOTi and Lucky Luke.

In publishing, the two have repositioned themselves, as of now they are working worldwide with "NoCashFromParents" and Ultra Music Publishing.

Originally, the duo comes from the dance/electro field and has been able to attract attention with their artist project, TwoWorldsApart and Ellipso, since 2016. This includes releases by Nuvilices, Tyo, Lizot, Max, Callie Reiff and Hyperclap.

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