Louisa Marie


* Phenomenal vocalist & top liner from the highlands near Cologne - discovered by multi-platinum awarded writer Tobias Röger

* Louisa is already working with the most respected national writers and artists for their upcoming projects like Vanessa Mai and Yvonne Catterfeld

* Currently focussing on building up her own artist project

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New Max von Milland Album!
Kiko Masbaum, Louisa Marie, Fargo

The new album "Eisack" by MAX VON MILLAND (Sony Music) is here! South Tyrol wrapped up in an album, his sounds embody the essence of the region, great songs! Some songs were co-written by KIKO MASBAUM, LOUISA BÜCHELER and FARGO.  Co-production and co-mix KIKO MASBAUM. Here you can listen to the album.

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LOUA - "Game Over"
Tobias Röger, Louisa Marie

Here it is, LOUA's (Seven.One Starwatch) new song "Game Over", the third single... will there be an EP soon? We are definitely looking forward to more! Co-Write by LOUISA BÜCHERLE and TOBIAS RÖGER Co-Production by TOBIAS RÖGER Here you can listen to "Game Over". 

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"Ciao, Servus, Griass Di & Baba" - Max von Milland
Kiko Masbaum, Louisa Marie

The new single by MAX VON MILLAND (Sony Music) from South Torol is out! The single is called "Ciao, Servus, Griass di & Baba" and really sets the mood.  Co-Write: LOUISA MARIE BÜCHELER and KIKO MASBAUM Production and mix by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the song here. 

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Daniele Puccia - "Viral"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

DANIELE PUCCIA (Universal Music) released his new single "Viral". A song about love, "Viral" - because it spreads like a virus in the heart and head.  Production by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Co-written by LOUISA MARIE, ROLAND SPREMBERG. You can listen to "Viral" here. 

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Louisa Marie is a talented young songwriter, ready to make her mark in the world of music.

Straight from a traquil town in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany she arrives on the scene of professional Pop-Music.
Through her own experience as a singer on stage she has a good feeling for catchy melodies and striking lyrics in English and German language. 
„Radio tunes – something to sing along to“ – that’s her forte, working with influences from various genres such as, R’n’B, Rock, House and Jazz, to serve different tastes in music.

Alongside with professional singing lessons with Thomas Grube, and her involvement in several band and artists projects  she works as a voice over artist for commercials and as a studio- and background singer for music producers.

That’s how she meets popular writer TOBIAS RÖGER („Millionen Lichter“ by Christina Stürmer, Udo Lindenber) and proves herself to be a talented writer in writings session together with him.