Falk-Arne Zeiseweis


* lyricist, topliner, singer, rapper with a studio based in Berlin, since 2015 also known as artist FARGO

* he has always been close to Rap, but also has a strong sense for Pop

* Writing of all songs for the 2019 season of the Ufa series „Spotlight“.

*„Nick, wenn Du…“ written and performed by Fargo is and the face of the children's channel Nickeloden




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New music video for "Stark Sein" - Emanuel Reiter
Niko Stegmiller, Falk-Arne Gossler

Situations happen in life that are not predictable. Sometimes you just have to "be strong". A few days ago EMANUEL REITER has reminded us with his new song that we are all still human. Now the new music video for the single "Stark sein "was released today! We are also happy to announce that the singer / songwriter is also going on tour. The song was co-written by ARNE-FALK GOSSLER and NIKO STEGMILLER. Click here for the tour dates! Click here for the music video!

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Niko Stegmiller, Falk-Arne Gossler

The German-Swiss pop singer EMANUEL REITER shows his personal and vulnerable side with his new single "Ich bin hier" (Sound Kollektiv Records).   Co-written by FALK-ARNE ZEISEWEIS & NIKO STEGMILLER. Discover here the emotional side of EMANUEL

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Fargo x Martin Trevy "Gutes Gefühl" (Remix)
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander, Falk-Arne Gossler

The original version has over 3.5 million streams on Spotify so far. Now FARGO releases together with MARTIN TREVY the song "Gutes Gefühl" as a remix.    Writing: FALK-ARNE ZEISEWEIS, CHRISTIAN NEANDER & NIKO STEGMILLER Co-Produced: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Here you can go to the Song

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"Karate Kid" - ELijah (DJ Blondee Remix)
Falk-Arne Gossler

DJ Blondee took the latest autobiografical single "Karate Kid" by ELIJAH (Global Bass One Management GmbH) to another level with his vivid Pop House Remix. FALK-ARNE GOSSLER co-wrote the single Check out the remix

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"Even a child the message of a song was very important for me. That's why nowadays I still put the main emphasis on lyrics when writing songs myself."

Since 2015 Falk-Arne Goßler is also known as the rapper Fargo. Some might also know him as the former frontman of „The Love Bülow“. Rap has always been his great love, but he has also a strong sense for Pop music.

As a songwriter Falk is not less successful. With „Einfach sein“  he writes the song for the German campagne for ALDI in 2016, this marks the first appearance of his work in TV.

In 2017 he appears in TV again, this time with „Nick, wenn Du...“ the title track for „Nickelodeon“  the channel for Kids and Teens after that he becomes the musical face of Nickelodeon. In 2019 the songs for the UFA- series „Spotlight“ are written by him.

As a Co-Writer Falk works with artists such as Tonbandgerät, Julian le Play, SpongeBob, Alina, Körner and many more