"Zeit" by Rammstein hits the German singles charts 23March
Olsen Involtini
"Zeit" by Rammstein hits the German singles charts

The band RAMMSTEIN leaves everything and everyone behind with the current number "Zeit". The title track climbs to #1 in the German singles charts! The music video for RAMMSTEIN's current winning single has also recorded almost 11 million views since its release and can be seen at the top of the German YouTube trends. Congratulations on the successful placement! By the way, the finished album will be released on April 29, 2022! OLSEN INVOLTINI produced the single together with RAMMSTEIN. Listen here to "Zeit"!

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Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander

"Verrat mir deine Sprache" is one of the many emotional songs that ROGER CICERO has conceived and written together with his songwriting colleagues and rediscovered. We are very happy that the emotional track has been released and you can get insight into one of his life phases. Co-written: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, TOM ALBRECHT Production & Mix: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, TOM ALBRECHT & KIKO MASBAUM Fittingly for the 6th anniversary of his death on March 24, 2022, a documentary film will also be released about the exceptional artists Roger Cicero and his father Eugen Cicero, who was a famous jazz pianist, who have very many parallels in their lives. Click here for the song! The most beautiful songs by ROGER CICERO can be found here as a playlist.

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"Bed of Lies" - Piece Wise x LO18March
Joseph Feinstein
"Bed of Lies" - Piece Wise x LO

PIECE WISE releases together with LO the new single "Bed of Lies" (Loudkult) today and is available on all streaming platforms. Vocals & co-geschrieben: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Listen here

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Jem, Christian Neander, NICE

ANGUS POWELL releases his new single "Grow Wings on the Way Down" (Halogen Media Limited) today and it's a wonderful blend of a captivating beat accompanied by his smooth voice. Co-written: NICE Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, JEM & NICE Hört euch den entspannten Song hier an!

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Olsen Involtini

Eventually it gets better... true words. The singer LOTTE sings together with DXVE about the feeling of being afraid. Fortunately, there are also many ways to get a grip on fear and sometimes overcome it. Mix: OLSEN INVOLTINI "Angst(Irgendwann wird es besser)" (Columbia Local) can be heard here.

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Rammstein - "Zeit" 11March
Olsen Involtini
Rammstein - "Zeit"

But it was also „Zeit" - with their new single „Zeit" (Rammstein), which is the first track from the upcoming album. The band's eighth long player will be released on April 29, 2022, coming three years after their untitled number one album. OLSEN INVOLTINI produced the single together with RAMMSTEIN. You can listen to "Zeit" here!

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"Killy my Lonely" by HUTS11March
Christian Neander
"Killy my Lonely" by HUTS

Fitting for the sunny weekend HUTS releases their new single "Killy My Lonely" (Virgin Records), is available on all streaming platforms and makes really good mood! Co-written "Kill My Lonely" by CHRISTIAN NEANDER You can listen to the Future House single here!

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JEANNEL with new R'n'B TRACK11March
JEANNEL with new R'n'B TRACK

As a teenager she discovered her love for R'n'B music. Coming from a musical family, she spoils our ears with her new single "ICMIB" (Unfeltrecordings). The single was co-produced by OH. NO.TY Here you can find the song

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Stahlberger - "Lüt uf Fotene" Album 11March
O.L.A.F. Opal
Stahlberger - "Lüt uf Fotene" Album

The band STAHLBERGER releases their new album "Lüt uf Fotene" (STB) and go with this also soon on tour. The producer OLAF OPAL, who recorded, produced and mixed the album, is not 100% fluent in Swiss German, but he also praises the album. The band is also very pleased with OLAF OPAL's production work and had already hired him for the previous album. Click here for the album.

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ENNIO - "KIPPE"10March
Moritz Enders

Artist ENNIO shares his new single "Kippe" with us today and is now available on all platforms. Mix: MORITZ ENDERS You can listen to "Kippe" here

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CloudKid presents Updog - "taking a stand"10March
Joseph Feinstein
CloudKid presents Updog - "taking a stand"

UPDOG released his new energetic single "taking a stand "and is dedicated to all who have stood up for themselves. The song was inspired from a real life situation that is very close to UPDOG.  The song was co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. Click here for the track!

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New Music by SCHMYT & CRO04March
Olsen Involtini
New Music by SCHMYT & CRO

SCHMYT (Sony Music) teams up with German hip-hop star CRO to release his new single "Alles anders (weniger im Arsch)". OLSEN INVOLTINI mixed the track. Listen  to the single here.

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Tomas Ferdinand with "Liquorice"04March
Tomas Ferdinand
Tomas Ferdinand with "Liquorice"

The new single by TOMAS FERDINAND (Humming Records) sounds just as delicious as the title suggests. Convince yourselves of it here.

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Diana Goldberg - "Same Old Sorry"04March
Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein
Diana Goldberg - "Same Old Sorry"

DIANA GOLDBERG releases her new single "SAME OLD SORRY" (CloudKid) today, showing her vulnerable side. Writing: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN, ASHLEY PARRIS & DIANA GOLDBERG Production: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Listen to the single here.

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Violet Skies with new ballad04March
Charlie McClean
Violet Skies with new ballad

Artist VIOLET SKIES wows today with the release of her soulful ballad "Never Be Cool."  CHARLIE MCCLEAN produced, mixed and co-wrote the song. Listen to "Never Be Cool" here.

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Thomas Daniel - "In the End"25February
Charlie McClean
Thomas Daniel - "In the End"

"In the End" is the name of the new single by THOMAS DANIEL, which was released today. The story about love and loss, which he thematizes in his song connects one or the other with each other. The song was mixed by CHARLIE MCCLEAN You can listen to the song here.

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Sam Vance-Law with two new releases25February
Charlie McClean
Sam Vance-Law with two new releases

Not one new single, but two new releases have appeared t from the artist SAM VINCE-LAW today. "Get Out" & "Been Drinking" are the names of the good pieces and are the first two singles to his album "Goodbye", which is scheduled for release on May 6, 2022. Co-producer & vocal producer: CHARLIE MCCLEAN Hier geht es zu den zwei Tracks

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Ellipso & YADAYADA feat. Tudor & Tusco - "Worst Thing"25February
Ellipso & YADAYADA feat. Tudor & Tusco - "Worst Thing"

ELLIPSO AND YADAYADA together with TUDOR & TUSCO release their new single "Worst Thing" (can't be bought). Feel free to listen to the track here.

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