Olsen Involtini

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

* Olsen lives in Berlin, working at his own studio or somewhere in the univers on Gold an Platinum awarded projects

* latest production: Rammstein

* Mixes: Rammstein, Seed, Kummer, Deichkind, Die Fantastischen 4, Bausa, Gentleman, Casper, Haftbefehl and more

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DAMONA - "Rotten Soul"
Olsen Involtini, Christian Neander

DAMONA (superpolrecords) finally has her second EP out. "Rotten Soul" is fun! Prod. and co-write by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Mix by OLSEN INVOLTINI.

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Rammsteins new Single is out!
Olsen Involtini

The successful, multi-award-winning band RAMMSTEIN (Univeral Music) releases their new single "Adieu" with two accompanying remix versions. Great songs! Co-produced by OLSEN INVOLTINI. You can listen to the songs here. 

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Olsen Involtini

What do you hold on to when everything breaks? - This question is the title of the new album of the artist LOTTE (colombia) and lets you look into deep thoughts. The album was mixed by OLSEN INVOLTINI.  Click here to go to the album

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SCHMYT releases "Universum regelt" - Album
Olsen Involtini

We hope that the universe will handle the success of this album, because this long player deserves it more than anything. SCHMYT inspires us all with 14 captivating songs. Convince yourselves! The album was mixed by OLSEN INVOLTINI. Check out "Universum regelt" out!

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Olsen also worked for Maxim, Seeed, Casper, Peter Fox, Miss Platnum, Marteri and many more
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Olsen Involtini aka Olsen Olic is a real Berlin boy. Maybe that's way he almost exclusively worked as a musician, engineer, producer, arrangeur, mixer and remixer for Berlin artists. But he doesn't know, we don't know and at least it doesn't matter.

Everything started during the 90s when Olsen worked with artists like Lemonbabies, Gum, Bobo in White Wooden Houses and Rammstein. Nowadays he works with Seeed, Bela B. or Peter Fox. Furthermore -in the field of non-Berlin artists- he works with for instance Gentleman, Reamonn or Brothers Keepers. That perfectly reflects Involtini's musical range. Olsen himself is a guitarist and sometimes still works as Bela B.'s Musical Director, for whom he also worked as a songwriter. Rammstein is also a common guest at Involtini's studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. He arranged the strings for the LP's "Mutter" and "Reise, Reise" and remixed different singles.