Ashley Parris

Artist, Songwriter

* Ashley Parris aka. PARIIS IX is a rising artist and songwriter from Wales currently, based in Berlin

* Parris' style is playful and relatable with a passion for writing commercial pop, R&B whilst also experimenting with creative sounds

* His recent works include writings for Aiko (100mio+ streams, Robin Schulz feat.) David Thornton (Schmyt, Marie Bothmer, Noah Slee,…), Diana Goldberg (CloudKid)


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"Uber Eats" with Døn and Parris
Ashley Parris

After a long wait, the new single by PARRIS is out, ft. DØN "Uber Eats". A chill sound for a relaxed weekend.  Written by ASHLEY PARRIS. You can listen to "Uber Eats" here.

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"Ask for it" - Diana Goldberg
Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein

DIANA GOLBERG (CloudKid) releases her new single "Ask for it", once again a strong, motivating song from the powerful singer. We are looking forward to more! Co-written by ASHLEY PARRIS. Co-production JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to the song here. 

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"Feels Amazing" - Nicolas Julian
Ashley Parris

The new single "Feels Amazing" by NICOLAS JULIAN (Sony) is out. The perfect dance track for the weekend. We're already celebrating in the office.  The single was co-written by ASHLEY PARRIS.  You can listen to "Feels Amazing" here. 

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Diana Goldberg with new EP
can', Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein

After three single releases, the new EP from DIANA GOLDBERG is finally released via CloudKid. The EP is called "BLOSSOM IN THE DARK" and includes three new songs besides the three singles. Writing: DIANA GOLDBERG, ASHLEY PARRIS, JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Production: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Mix: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Listen to the EP here.

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Ashley Parris, or simply Parris, is a Berlin-based songwriter and topliner with a passion for commercial pop, RnB and rap who also experiments with creative sounds. Parris' style is playful and relatable, in- captured within a sizable catalogue of ditties about love, life and everything in between. His first feeling for the right and catchy melodies is remarkable.

His most recent co-writes are Aiko (on hold), James Carter (on hold), TwoWorldsApart & Diana Goldberg.



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