Tobias Röger

Songwriter, Producer

* he combines songwriter and producer qualities on a top level, with mutiple Gold and Platinum awards

* for "Millionen Lichter (Christina Stürmer) he received the Radio Echo and the Austrian Music Award

* he workes with Udo Lindenberg, Helene Fischer, Roger Cicero, Johannes Oerding, Ryan Sheridan, Matt Gresham, Kapelle Petra, Wolfgang Petry, Max Giesinger and many more

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Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum

JAMIE-LEE adds up her latest singles and releases her new EP "Seoul" (NAPA Recordings) today also featuring a new track also called "Seoul". Production and Writing of the EP and Mix of "Heartbeat Distance" : TOBIAS RÖGER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM Also check out the "Heartbeat Distance (Goldfänger Remix)" on the EP Listen to "Seoul" EP

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Parallel with "Große Schwester von nett"
Tobias Röger

PARALLEL (Boutique Records) is back with new music. The new single is called " Große Schwester von Nett" and exceeds all expectations, but see for yourself. Co-write, production and mix: TOBIAS RÖGER Click here to listen to the single.

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KAPELLE PETRA give away a colourful bouquet
Tobias Röger

For certain unwanted persons KAPELLE PETRA got a very special gift!  In their new song "Ein bunter Strauß" (Gute Laune Entertainment) they tell us what that looks like. TOBIAS RÖGER co-wrote and produced the song Listen to "Ein bunter Strauß" by KAPELLE PETRA 

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Jamie-Lee with new Remix
Tobias Röger

The 22-year-old JAMIE-LEE releases the Goldfaenger remix of her single "Heartbeat Distance" today. The new version is now available on all platforms. Production: TOBIAS RÖGER & SERHAT SAKIN. Listen to the remix now!!

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He worked for Johannes Oerding, Christina Stürmer, Udo Lindenberg, Kapelle Petra, Parallel, Roger Cicero and many more...              
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Like few others, Tobias Röger effortlessly combines songwriting with producing qualities.

Good reason for artists such as Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Cassandra Steen, Roger Cicero and others, to turn to Röger for tailor-made knock-out tunes.

Not only a prolific composer, Tobias has made his mark as a producer; initially, during 10 years as band member, lead singer and guitarist with the band Wohlstandskinder, he was able to build a reputation as songwriter and producer.

After the band’s split in 2005, Tobias headed for new horizons as a songwriter for Christina Stürmer and later producer-songwriter for his new band Ton.

Peace and inspiration to his beautiful music and words are easily found in his studio overlooking lush pastures meadows. All his material is crafted and refined there: chart-topping songs sculpted with authenticity indie tunes morphed into blockbusters.