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"I believe" Version from Aka 7even

The successful Italian artist AKA 7EVEN (Sony Music) has released a new version of "I believe" by KAMRAD, a kind of feature. Great song


Production and Mix: ECCI from NICE

You can listen to it here. 


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Philine Sonny - "Drugs"
Jones, Kiko Masbaum

KIKO and JONES collaborated on the new single by Philine Sonny (Nettwerk Music). It is called "Drugs". Mix by KIKO and Drum rec. by JONES.

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What happened...

... JONES was active! In the last months there were some releases where our producer was involved. In May the track "Tuana" was released by LOCO CANDY x SOULY (BMG), where JONES was involved in the production and as co-writer. In addition, LOCO CANDY (BMG) released the track "Treibsand" on 07/07, where JONES also worked on the prdoction and as co-writer.  The matching album "Treibsand Deluxe" to the single of LOCO CANDY (NAPA) released on 07.07., was released today on 15.09.. Also here JONES produced some stuff. Last but not least JONES produced and mixed the song "Die besten Tage" by SEBASTIAN WURTH (BMG), which has already been released on 04.08.. Listen in and let yourself be convinced!

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Big Shrimp Ace, Jones

Here it is, the new EP by BIG SHRIMP ACE (Golddamn) "Garnelensache." with 6 strong songs. Definitely give it a listen, it's on continuous loop in our office.  Written by BIG SHRIMP ACE and JONES. Produced by JONES. "Garnelensache." listen here.

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Kamrads EP is out!
Jones, NICE

KAMRAD's new EP is the best example of how to convey honest feelings casually and effortlessly, it's called "not good at playing love songs". It's hard to imagine the airplay charts without Kamrad, here are a few more great hits.  Co-written by Team NICE and JONES. Produced and mixed by ECCI and JONES. Listen to the new EP here.

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