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Kamrads EP is out!

KAMRAD's new EP is the best example of how to convey honest feelings casually and effortlessly, it's called "not good at playing love songs". It's hard to imagine the airplay charts without Kamrad, here are a few more great hits. 

Co-written by Team NICE and JONES.

Produced and mixed by ECCI and JONES.

Listen to the new EP here.


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new music productions

KAMRAD's (Epic Records) new single - “So Good” - was released on March 1st. Co-produced and co-written by JONES. LOCO CANDY (BMG) released another single in March - “Staatskasse”. JONES also produced, mixed and co-wrote this one. Furthermore, another single by LOCO CANDY - “Tu Nicht So” - was released on May 17th. Also produced by JONES. “Es tut mir leid!”. This is the name of MARLON HAMMER's latest release. Strong voice. Co-produced by JONES.

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Cloud Trips & Timur Bambil - "Tiptoeing"

TIMUR BAMBIL & CLOUD TRIPS (Cloud Trips) release their new single "Tiptoeing".  A good mood song suitable for Friday. Mix by JONES. Listen to it!

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Marlon Hammer - "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein"
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice

MARLON HAMMER releases his new single "Zu Dir Fällt Mir Nichts Mehr Ein".  The song is about the thoughts, memories and people that nestle in your head and in your thoughts and "rent" whole rooms.   Prod. & Mix by JONES and ECCI. Listen in!

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Vigo Blax - "Freak"
Jones, Vigo Blax

The wait is over. VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) finally released his new single "Freak". Co-write & prod. by VIGO BLAX and JONES.

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