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TwoWorldsApart feat Joseph Feinstein - "Mirages"

The producer and artist duo TWOWORLSAPART released their new song "Mirages" featuring JOSEPH FEINSTEIN (Clapmode) today.

The song was written by TWOWORLDSAPART together with JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.

TWOWORLDSAPART produced the song.

Listen to "Mirages" here!

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"U & I"

TWOWORLDSAPART release their new single "U & I" together with LANNÉ (Future House Cloud) and Emily J (LoudKult).  Co-wrtiting by BEN and ARNE. Mix & Master by BEN. Co-prod by BEN and ARNE.

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TWA Single Out Now!

After a long wait, the duo TWOWORLDSAPART releases their new single with MAHALO (AMADA Music) featuring THUTMOSE. The single is called "Feelin' Down" and is the perfect track for the weekend, get on the dance floor.  Co-Write and Co-Production: TWOWORLDSAPART You can listen to the single here. 

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"Know" - Gradspiel

A new dance number from GRADSPIEL is out, it's called "Know" and is the perfect track to start the weekend.  The song was co-written by BEN WALTER and ARNE BEHNFELDT. You can listen to the song here.

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Twoworldsapart - "Slippin' Tim Hughes Remix" Out Now!!

After the single "Slippin" was released a few weeks ago and was well received by many, the Tim Hughes remix to it is now released. Listen to the track here.

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