* artist from Norway 

* underlying love for pop, but not bound by any genre

* release Hymner "Apart" over 5Mio Streams

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SAMAJAI, Luis Baltes

The perfect start into the weekend is made by the singer HYMNER (TENTWENTY) with his single "Rivers".  The single was co-written by LUIS BALTES and SAMAJ. Click here for the song!

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Lo feat SamajAi - "Ready For Love"

LO and SAMAJAI release their new deep house track "Ready for Love" (Soave Records) which can be heard on all platforms. Are you ready to feel the vibe?

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Billlie 1st Album

KPOP vibes give us the band BILLLIE (Mystic Story) with their first mini album with 6 songs "the billage of perception: chapter one" today. The track "the rumor" was co-written by SAMAJ BANDEH. Click here for the Album

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SAMAJAI's story is a tapestry woven with threads of sadness, passion, longing and a relentless pursuit of freedom. Born into a world that sought to confine individuality within rigid boundaries, SAMAJAI felt the tug of music and mysticism in their soul from a young age.

Growing up in a conservative environment that struggled to comprehend their fluid identity, SAMAJAI found solace in the dusty vinyl records tucked away in

their family's attic. These relics of a bygone era—the haunting tunes of The Doors, the rebellious spirit of Jimi Hendrix, the femme fatale of Nancy Sinatra, and the cinematic greatness of Tarantino—became SAMAJAI 's sanctuary, a gateway to a world where expression knew no limits. Through the songs, he would escape the suffering, and become one with his prayers.

Against the backdrop of societal expectations, SAMAJAI honed their craft in secrecy, teaching themselves the nuances in the dead of night, where music

became their voice, a vessel through which they could transcend the limitations imposed.

Through the smoky melodies and the hypnotic twang of steel guitars, drenched in the nostalgia of the '60s and '70s, SAMAJAI becomes a living embodiment of sensual fatale, each song was a revelation, an ode to the forbidden seduction of men and women.

With a magnetic charisma that defies conventions, Their presence, an enigmatic blend of femininity and masculinity, casts a spell, drawing admirers into a whirlwind of desire, spins a tales of love, heartache, and melancholy.


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