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New updog Single

Here it is! The new single by UPDOG (CloudKid) "sonata", a great song in which the Greek roots of the musician can be heard. 

Co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.

You can listen to "sonata" here. 


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updog - "cynical"
Joseph Feinstein

New year, new UPDOG (CloudKid) single. It's called "cynical" and like his previous singles it's groovy, plus trumpets give it an extra touch.  It was co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.  You can listen to "cynical" here. 

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"December" Vibes by Villforth
Joseph Feinstein

VILLFORTH releases their new single "December", a great emotional song perfect for the cold winter months ahead.  Co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to "December" here. 

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"Ask for it" - Diana Goldberg
Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein

DIANA GOLBERG (CloudKid) releases her new single "Ask for it", once again a strong, motivating song from the powerful singer. We are looking forward to more! Co-written by ASHLEY PARRIS. Co-production JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to the song here. 

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Joseph Feinstein dropped his EP
can', Joseph Feinstein

Here it is, JOSEPH FEINSTEIN's (CloudKid) EP "bad routine" with two more great songs. We've been listening to the EP all day in the office! Co-write and co-production by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. Mix/Master of "idwk", "pinocchio" and "bad routine" CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT Here you can listen to "bad routine". 

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