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Spotlight - Season 4 Soundtrack OUT NOW

The successful teen series Spotlight on Nickelodeon, following young aspiring artists, singers and dancers on there way to becoming professionals is in season 4 now!

FALK-ARNE GOSSLER aka. FARGO delivers his trademark catchy tunes and wrote 12 songs exclusively for this season of the show. The songs are performed by the Spotlight cast.

The Original Soundtrack, incl. two additonal tracks performed by FARGO "Intro" and his latest single "Gutes Gefühl" is out now!

Listen to Spotlight (Der Original-Soundtrack zur TV-Serie) with the Spotlight-Cast and FARGO



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FARGO - "Copacabana"
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Entertainment) releases his new single "Copacabana", the perfect song for a sunny weekend! Brings fun and good mood. Co-written by FARGO and NIKO STEGMILLER.  Listen to "Copacabana" here.

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"Urlaub von mir selbst" - Batomae x Fargo

Perfect for the start of summer, BATOMAE and FARGO deliver a new catchy tune, "Urlaub von mir selbst". A great good mood song!  Co-written by FARGO. Listen to the song here.

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FARGO - "Eisbär und Pinguin"
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO releases his new love hit "Eisbär und Pinguin" (Motor Music). The in thought merging song is about a love between two people who can't be more different but are above it. Produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER Mix by KIKO MASBAUM Co-written by FARGO x CHRISTIAN NEANDER x NIKO STEGMILLER   You can listen to "Eisbär und Pinguin" here!

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New Max von Milland Album!
Kiko Masbaum, Louisa Marie, Fargo

The new album "Eisack" by MAX VON MILLAND (Sony Music) is here! South Tyrol wrapped up in an album, his sounds embody the essence of the region, great songs! Some songs were co-written by KIKO MASBAUM, LOUISA BÜCHELER and FARGO.  Co-production and co-mix KIKO MASBAUM. Here you can listen to the album.

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