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Fargo with "Danke"

FALK-ARNE GOSSLER alias FARGO released his new single "Danke" (Motor Music) today. The song is an acknowledgement to all the people in life who stick to you no matter how hard life gets.

FALK-ARNE GOSSLER wrote the sing and performed it as FARGO.

Listen to the single here


Watch the music video here!

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FARGO (Motor Music) has recently been responsible for a number of new releases.  In September and November, a single was released to announce the forthcoming album - "Ganz genau wir" and "Leuchtturm".  FARGO's new album "Gutes Gefühl" was then released on November 17th. A very nice album! Feel free to listen.  He also wrote the new single "Gegengewicht" by Florian Künstler, which was released on September 22nd.

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"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Music) releases his new album "Gutes Gefühl". A great end to the year for our singer-songwriter. Mix & Master by KIKO MASBAUM.  Produktion by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-Write by FARGO, CHRISTIAN NEANDER, NIKO STEGMILLER.   Listen to it!

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Fargo - "Leuchtturm"
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Music) released his new single "Leuchtturm" on 03.11.23. A great song about being a parent and the passing of time. Co-written by FARGO and NIKO STEGMILLER. Produced by NIKO STEGMILLER.

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FARGO - "Copacabana"
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Entertainment) releases his new single "Copacabana", the perfect song for a sunny weekend! Brings fun and good mood. Co-written by FARGO and NIKO STEGMILLER.  Listen to "Copacabana" here.

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