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New single by Selig "Spacetaxi"

With their new single "Spacetaxi" SELIG release the third single marking the way to their upcoming LP "Myriaden". 

"Myriaden" will be released March 2021. We can't wait!

CHRISTIAN NEANDER is the guitarist of SELIG from the beginning and co-wrote the songs

Get a ride with the "Spacetaxi"

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"Heart Of Glass" - LCAW ft. Millie Turner
Christian Neander

LCWA released a new single "Heart Of Glass" together with the British artist MILLIE TURNER (AWAL), including a great music video.  The single was co-written by CHRISTIAN NEANDER, who also played the guitar. Here you can listen to the single.  And here you can find the amazing music video for "Heart Of Glass". 

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stegmiller - "Viel zu lang schon"
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander

Here it is, STEGMILLER's (Motor Entertainment) second single "Viel zu lang schon", lets us dance into the weekend. Co-written by NIKO STEGMILLER and CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER.  We already have the song on continuous loop, you can listen to it here.  

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DAMONA - "Flame under a Glass"
Christian Neander

She is not only capable of TikTok! DAMONA (superpolrecords) proves it again with her new single "Flame under a glass". The track is already running in continuous loop. Writing: DAMONA & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Listen to the Single here!

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Stegmiller - "Zeitmaschine" Out Now!!
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander

This is how to do a debut! STEGMILLER (stegmiller / RAR) releases his debut single "Zeitmaschine" today and convinces not only with his outstanding writing skills but also with his breathtaking voice. Writing: STEGMILLER, MICHAEL TIBES & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER & MICHAEL TIBES Listen to "Zeitmaschine" here!

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