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"Killy my Lonely" by HUTS

Fitting for the sunny weekend HUTS releases their new single "Killy My Lonely" (Virgin Records), is available on all streaming platforms and makes really good mood!

Co-written "Kill My Lonely" by CHRISTIAN NEANDER

You can listen to the Future House single here!

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DAMONA - "Flame under a Glass"
Christian Neander

She is not only capable of TikTok! DAMONA (superpolrecords) proves it again with her new single "Flame under a glass". The track is already running in continuous loop. Writing: DAMONA & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Listen to the Single here!

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Stegmiller - "Zeitmaschine" Out Now!!
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander

This is how to do a debut! STEGMILLER (stegmiller / RAR) releases his debut single "Zeitmaschine" today and convinces not only with his outstanding writing skills but also with his breathtaking voice. Writing: STEGMILLER, MICHAEL TIBES & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER & MICHAEL TIBES Listen to "Zeitmaschine" here!

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Alice Merton releases her sophomore album
Christian Neander

ALICE MERTON's second studio album (Paper Plane Records International) is out today. The album is titled "S:I:D:E:S" and takes us on an adventure with its 15 songs.  CHRISTIAN NEANDER produced and wrote three songs together with ALICE MERTON. You can listen to the masterpiece here!

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Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander

"Verrat mir deine Sprache" is one of the many emotional songs that ROGER CICERO has conceived and written together with his songwriting colleagues and rediscovered. We are very happy that the emotional track has been released and you can get insight into one of his life phases. Co-written: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, TOM ALBRECHT Production & Mix: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, TOM ALBRECHT & KIKO MASBAUM Fittingly for the 6th anniversary of his death on March 24, 2022, a documentary film will also be released about the exceptional artists Roger Cicero and his father Eugen Cicero, who was a famous jazz pianist, who have very many parallels in their lives. Click here for the song! The most beautiful songs by ROGER CICERO can be found here as a playlist.

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