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"Killy my Lonely" by HUTS

Fitting for the sunny weekend HUTS releases their new single "Killy My Lonely" (Virgin Records), is available on all streaming platforms and makes really good mood!

Co-written "Kill My Lonely" by CHRISTIAN NEANDER

You can listen to the Future House single here!

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Christian Neander

CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single "Neuanfang" by SELIG (Fleet Union), which was released on October 5th.  The new EP by DAMONA, with whom Christian works closely, was released on October 20. For "Rotten Soul" Christian also took over part of the writing and produced the EP. Feel free to listen!

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"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Music) releases his new album "Gutes Gefühl". A great end to the year for our singer-songwriter. Mix & Master by KIKO MASBAUM.  Produktion by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-Write by FARGO, CHRISTIAN NEANDER, NIKO STEGMILLER.   Listen to it!

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DAMONA - "Rotten Soul"
Olsen Involtini, Christian Neander

DAMONA (superpolrecords) finally has her second EP out. "Rotten Soul" is fun! Prod. and co-write by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Mix by OLSEN INVOLTINI.

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New Stuff from Christian Neander
Christian Neander

Our producer and songwriter CHRISTIAN NEANDER was involved in some new releases in the last months. On May 26th there was the release of "go to h<3ll" by AIKO x RXSEBOY (Good Luck Kid) where CHRISTIAN co-wrote and produced. In July and August there was one new song each from DAMONA (superpolrecords) "God give me a car" and "Girl across the street". Here CHRISTIAN wrote, produced and mixed diligently.  In addition, CHRISTIAN took over the production of the new songs "Tausend Raketen" and "Vergiss die guten Tage nicht" by FLORIAN KÜNSTLER (Universal), which enriched the music world on September 22.

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