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"Hard To Love" - LCAW

Producer, songwriter and DJ - LCAW who gained popularity in the deep house scene through his viral remixes and DJ sets releases his new single "Hard To Love" today.

CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single

"Hard To Love" on Spotify


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January to March
Christian Neander

Over the past three months, CHRISTIAN NEANDER has been working with various artists on a number of songs.  On January 19, CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Sony) released her new single "Ein halbes Leben", which Christian produced as well as programmed and co-wrote. JO HALBIG (articrecrods) released his new song "Glücklich" on February 16th. Here, too, Christian took over the writing together with FARGO. In March, 2 new projects were released in which Christian co-wrote: "MTV Unplugged in Wien" by CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Sony) and "Starfish" by MILLIE TURNER.  Feel free to listen!

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Christian Neander

CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single "Neuanfang" by SELIG (Fleet Union), which was released on October 5th.  The new EP by DAMONA, with whom Christian works closely, was released on October 20. For "Rotten Soul" Christian also took over part of the writing and produced the EP. Feel free to listen!

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"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Music) releases his new album "Gutes Gefühl". A great end to the year for our singer-songwriter. Mix & Master by KIKO MASBAUM.  Produktion by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-Write by FARGO, CHRISTIAN NEANDER, NIKO STEGMILLER.   Listen to it!

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DAMONA - "Rotten Soul"
Olsen Involtini, Christian Neander

DAMONA (superpolrecords) finally has her second EP out. "Rotten Soul" is fun! Prod. and co-write by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Mix by OLSEN INVOLTINI.

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