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Damona - "You should be scared of me"

OUT NOW! DAMONA's (superpolrecords) new rocking single "You should be scared of me". The track is already running in a continuous loop here in the office and be sure to check out the great music video!

Co-written and produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER.


You can listen to it here!


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Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück"
Frieder Does, Marlon Hammer, NICE

Finally a new single from our young Bochumer MARLON HAMMER (Telamo) "Flüssiges Glück". A beautiful, emotional track reminiscent of Felix Felicis from Harry Potter. Definitely listen to it! Written by MARLON HAMMER.  Co-produced by Team NICE. Mixed by Frieder Does.  You can listen to "Flüssiges Glück" here.

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stegmiller -"Licht"
Frieder Does, Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander

STEGMILLER's (Motor Entertainment) new single "Licht" is here! Everyone knows them: The dark sides of life, phases in which even the colourful sides of everyday life seem only grey. It is precisely in these phases that Stegmiller sits down at the piano and creates songs. Writing off all the ballast, invoking the good times to knock again, "Licht" is both and so much more. Produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER and mixed by FRIEDER DOES.  Listen to "Licht" here.

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"Too good to be you" - Bobby Lies
Frieder Does, NICE

The new single "Too Good To Be You" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records) is out. A song about a one-night stand and good mood.  Produced by KOTSCHE. Mixed by FRIEDER DOES. You can listen to the single here.

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"Blood red morning (I hate you)" - Jesse Tellem
Frieder Does

Today the new single of the German-American JESSE TELLEM (Believe) was released, it is called "Blood Red Morning (I Hate You)". An emotional, strong ballad. Mixed by FRIEDER DOES.  You can listen to the song here.

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