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Bayuk - "Head Under Waves" out now!!

BAYUK (Monchique/Groenland Records) releases his new single "Head Under Waves" today. Listen to the single now on all streaming platforms!

CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote the single.

Head here for the single.

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New Stuff from Christian Neander
Christian Neander

Our producer and songwriter CHRISTIAN NEANDER was involved in some new releases in the last months. On May 26th there was the release of "go to h<3ll" by AIKO x RXSEBOY (Good Luck Kid) where CHRISTIAN co-wrote and produced. In July and August there was one new song each from DAMONA (superpolrecords) "God give me a car" and "Girl across the street". Here CHRISTIAN wrote, produced and mixed diligently.  In addition, CHRISTIAN took over the production of the new songs "Tausend Raketen" and "Vergiss die guten Tage nicht" by FLORIAN KÜNSTLER (Universal), which enriched the music world on September 22.

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stegmiller -"Licht"
Frieder Does, Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander

STEGMILLER's (Motor Entertainment) new single "Licht" is here! Everyone knows them: The dark sides of life, phases in which even the colourful sides of everyday life seem only grey. It is precisely in these phases that Stegmiller sits down at the piano and creates songs. Writing off all the ballast, invoking the good times to knock again, "Licht" is both and so much more. Produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER and mixed by FRIEDER DOES.  Listen to "Licht" here.

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FARGO - "Eisbär und Pinguin"
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO releases his new love hit "Eisbär und Pinguin" (Motor Music). The in thought merging song is about a love between two people who can't be more different but are above it. Produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER Mix by KIKO MASBAUM Co-written by FARGO x CHRISTIAN NEANDER x NIKO STEGMILLER   You can listen to "Eisbär und Pinguin" here!

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Damonas EP is out!
Frieder Does, Christian Neander

Finally all songs of DAMONA's (superpolrecords) EP "Chaos" are out. "Fix This" is the fourth and last song of the EP and shows DAMONA's calm, emotional side. A great song! The whole EP was produced and co-written by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. "Fix This" was mixed by Frieder Does. You can listen to the EP "Chaos" here. 

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