Produzent, Songwriter

* promising producer, songwriter, topliner and confessing beat nerd based in Berlin, Germany

* trained piano player but handles also the drums and guitar very well

* cuts with artists like badchieff (new signing by German rap-star Cro), Mike Singer (Warner Music Germany, last album went straight to #1), Tim Kamrad (ROOF Music/Toursupport Sunrise Avenue 2018), Noah Slee and upcoming artist  IUMA

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"Too Close" von Jonahh

Norwegian singer & songwriter JONAHH (Capella Records) releases his new single "Too Close" today and makes some hearts beat faster. TYTUS co-wrote the track. Feel free to listen to the song "Too Close" here!

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IUMA releases new single "Freunde"

Check out the new single and video "Freunde" by IUMA! With the song "Freunde" Cologne singer IUMA presents the perfect track for the ongoing lockdown. Friends are the people you get to see on a screen via video call - you're not alone but not really together either - it's almost prophetic that the song was written long before the pandemic.  Production and co-write of "Freunde by TYTUS Watch the video here Or check out the new IUMA single on Spotify

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ELLIPSO with new single "Lonely Hearts"
Tytus, Ellipso

With "Lonely Hearts" ELLIPSO presents their third single released via Clapmode landing a spot in the New Music Friday Deutschland Spotify Playlist again! TYTUS wrote the track together with ELLIPSO Listen to smashing dance tune "Lonely Hearts" here

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NOAH SLEE releases EP "Twice"

The New Zealand artist NOAH SLEE releases his new EP "Twice" (Havelu Records) today.  TYTUS co-wrote the single "Still" also included in the EP Listen to the EP here

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Worked for artists such as Disarstar, Tonbandgerät & Robert Redweik
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Tytus is a promising producer, songwriter and a confessing beat nerd. His preference for beats together with his extended abilities as a musician enables him to take a broarder view on music and allows him to produce music in a traditional as well as a progressiv way.

Tytus is clearly influenced by american Hip-Hop, Gospel, R'n'B and Soul. But he's capable of getting into the spirit of every genre as a result of many years of experience.

He's a trained piano player but drums and guitar also belong to his repertoire.
For him the last step was to take on songwriting and beat producing.

For a few years he works successfully as producer, engineer, songwriter and session musician at the maarwegstudio2 in Cologne, Germany, where he's involved in projects for Ryan Sheridan, Tonbandgerät, Alexander Knappe, Glasperlenspiel and Disarstar.

Tytus is now based in Berlin and recently worked with Badchieff, IUMA, Noah Slee, Mike Singer and Tim Kamrad.