Simon Jäger

Produzent, Mixer, Songwriter

* emerging Swiss producer and mixer based in Berlin
* trained by multi award winning producer and mixer Moritz Enders
* genre bending works from Pop to heavy guitars to cutting edge Urban and left field artists
* 2019 saw Simon work with BLVTH, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Weirdo

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Halunke celebrates album release
Simon Jäger

HALUNKE (Der letzte Schrei Records) create with their brand new album "Flamingo" a paradise-like world on which is not only delightful for the Swiss German listeners. The album was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to it here!

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Halunke - "Mama"
Simon Jäger

HALUNKE (Der letzte Schrei Records) releases today his new single "Peter Pan". The single can be heard together with his two other releases. SIMON JÄGER mixed it. Check out the single here!

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"Wir haben Platz" by TYNA
Simon Jäger

Your weekly German punk rock delivery is made by TYNA this week. She releases her new single "Wir haben Platz" (Schallauge) today. The song is about her thoughts to refugee aid and the right to a free and happy life for everyone. Mix: SIMON JÄGER Listen to TYNA's new single here 

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Sara hartman with "Watermelon"
Simon Jäger

The US-American SARA HARTMAN (BMG Rights Management) releases her new single "Watermelon" in collaboration with the rapper TUIMI (Tapioka Records) today. The song was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to "Watermelon" now!

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Simon worked with Van Holzen, Scenewriters, Sara Hartman, Liedfett, Heisskalt, BLVTH and many more

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