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If ROGER CICERO (Starwatch/Warner) suspected this when he named his new album "Was Immer Auch Kommt" - Whatever will happen? Who knows...

But he'll certainly celebrate being on number 4 in the German charts and on number 3 in Austria in the first week!

ROLAND SPREMBERG produced, recorded and co-wrote thee songs of the album incl. the single "Wenn Es Morgen Schon Zuende Wär".

Involved in the writings of one of these songs "Das Leben Ist Auch Nur Ein Mensch" as well was TOBIAS RÖGER.

The single was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS who also mixed five more tracks.

JEM mixed three songs, incl. the titletrack "Was Immer Auch Kommt".

JOCHEN NAAF and ROLAND SPREMBERG mixed one song each.

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Daniele Puccia - "Dein Leben"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

On May 19th the new single "Dein Leben" by DANIELE PUCCIA (Electrola) was released, co-written and produced by ROLAND and MARIE.  Feel free to listen!

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Daniele Puccia - "Viral"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

DANIELE PUCCIA (Universal Music) released his new single "Viral". A song about love, "Viral" - because it spreads like a virus in the heart and head.  Production by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Co-written by LOUISA MARIE, ROLAND SPREMBERG. You can listen to "Viral" here. 

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Daniele Puccia with "Gegengift"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

New artist alert! Daniele Puccia celebrates his debut with the release of his single "Gegengift" and has definitely made the right decision with the single choice.  The potential hit was written by LOUISA BÜCHELER, ROLAND SPREMBERG & TOM ALBRECHT. Production: ROLAND SPREMBERG Check out "Gegengift" here.

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Lou Bega veröffentlicht sein "90's Cruiser" Album!
Roland Spremberg

The 90's are now officially back! LOU BEGA releases today his long-awaited album "90's Cruiser"(Universal Music). On the album he covers many hits of the 90's and gives them a more modern twist. Among them is the single "Scattman Hatmann", which has already generated several million streams. Now the LP is finally available to everyone. The album was produced by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Listen to "90's Cruiser" now!

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