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Under this year's nominees for the ECHO 2014 some acts working with GGM producers are to be found once more!

The Award Show will be held on March the 27th. Good Luck to everyone!

Album of the year: HELENE FISCHER - "Farbenspiel"

TOBIAS RÖGER, ROLAND SPREMBERG and CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK wrote the track "Te quiero" together with Michael Ochs, Markus Brosch und Emi Green.

Artist Rock/Pop National: TIM BENDZKO

MORITZ ENDERS mixed the album "Am Seidenen Faden" incl. singles.

Female Artist Rock/Pop International: KATY PERRY / CHRISTINA STÜRMER

MICHAEL ILBERT was Recording Engineer for KATY PERRY's hitsingle "Roar"

JEM mixed CHRISTINA STÜRMER's album "Ich hör auch mein Herz".
TOBIAS RÖGER and the duo NICE are involved in the album too through several writings.

Group Rock/Pop National: SILLY / REVOLVERHELD

MORITZ ENDERS produced and mixed some SILLY tracks eg. the single "Deine Stärken".

MICHAEL ILBERT mixed the REVOLVERHELD-Album "Immer in Bewegung".

German Schlager: HELENE FISCHER

Hip-Hop/Urban National: CASPER

MORITZ ENDERS mixed the entire album "Hinterland".

Hip-Hop/Urban International: ChAKUZA

MORITZ ENDERS: Mix album "Magnolia" incl. singles

Rock/Alternative National: SCHANDMAUL

ROLAND SPREMBERG: Production of the single "Euch Zum Geleit"

Musik-DVD/Blu-Ray-Production National: UDO LINDENBERG - "Ich mach mein Ding - Die Show" / HELENE FISCHER - "Farbenspiel"

JEM produced and mixed the sound for LINDENBERG's Live-DVD.

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More news from Moritz Enders


"ein bisschen Lärm" by Madsen
Moritz Enders

In August, MADSEN (Goodbye Logik Records) will release their new album "Hollywood". The first single "Ein bisschen Lärm" can be heard now. Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. You can listen to the song here.

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The Intersphere - "A la carte"
Moritz Enders

THE INTERSPHERE (OMN Label Services) release their new single "A La Carte", great rocking number.  Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS". You can listen to the single here.

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Silbermond - "Lieber lauf ich davon"
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders

"Lieber lauf ich davon", the new single by SILBERMOND (Universal Music) was released today. A song about the fear of facing oneself and the attempt to escape the ego. About the feeling of not being able to stand the silence and one's own thoughts and instead going in search of distraction. Just running away. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the single here.

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Silbermond - "Wenn`s am schönsten ist"
Moritz Enders

"Wenn`s am schönsten ist", the new single by SILBERMOND (Universal Music) is out. A great single for lovers or friends, definitely listen to it.  Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS.  Listen to "Wenn`s am schönsten ist" here. 

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