News about Roland Spremberg


It's ECHO time again! And we're already excited!

This year again, some artists working with Golden Gate producers and mixers are nominated.

The nominess:

ANDREAS BOURANI - Artist of the year / Hit of the year + Radio ECHO
with "Auf Uns" / Best Video National with "Auf anderen Wegen"

JEM produced the nominated hitsingle "Auf Uns". He also mixed the entire album "Hey" and produced 9 songs.

Album of the year / Schlager / Music DVD / Hit of the year with "Atemlos"

CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK is the Musical Director of HELENE FISCHER. He arranged the music for the "Farbenspiel Tour", to be seen on the nominated DVD.

The track "Te quiero" was written by CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK, ROLAND SPREMBERG and TOBIAS RÖGER together with Markus Brosch, Michael Ochs and Emi Green geschrieben.

Band Rock/Pop National / Radio ECHO with "Lass uns gehen"

MORITZ ENDERS mixed the nominated single.


Seven tracks of the albums "Rekord" was mixed by OLSEN INVOLTINI

UDO JÜRGENS und seine Gäste - Schlager

CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK prdouced the song "Merci Cherie" on the "Mitten im Leben - Das Tribute Album", sung by Helene Fischer.

KLANGKARUSSELL - Dance International

The debut album "Netzwerk" was produced and mixed by JOCHEN SCHMALBACH

RADIO DORIA - Band Rock/Pop National / Newcomer National

Mixer od the current album: MORITZ ENDERS

VOXXCLUB - Volkstümliche Musik

ROLAND SPREMBERG produced and mixed eleven songs of the latest album and was involed in writing five of them

KRAFTKLUB - Rock Alternative National / Best Video National with "Unsere Fans" / Kritikerpreis national with "In Schwarz"

MORITZ ENDERS mixed their latest album "In Schwarz"

UNHEILIG -Rock Alternative National

MORITZ ENDERS mixed the latest LP.
ROLAND SPREMBERG produced 4 songs of the UNHEILIG album "Gipefelstürmer"

HUNDREDS - Best Video National with "Ten Headed Beast"

JEM produced and mixed the single

The NOTWIST - Kritikerpreis national
with "Close To The Glass"

OLAF OPAL produced the album together with the band and mixed it as well

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