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Tayfun Guttstadt feat. Naile Tuncer & Hasan Al Nour - "Cevrimiz (Demedim mi)"

TAYFUN GUTTSTADT releases with NAILE TUNCER and HASAN AL NOUR togehter his new single "Cevrimiz (Demedim mi) " (Guttsadt Music) and we recommend it for every music lover who likes traditional music from the east.


Listen to the traditional sounds of the East here!

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News from Kiko
Kiko Masbaum

The first 2 months of the new year are over and KIKO was able to complete a few projects.  On January 12th MICHAEL KAESHAMMER (Sony) released his new single "Little Bit Of Love" for which KIKO did the programming and production. At the end of January, PHILINE SONNY (Nettwerk) released her "Lovely" EP, on which KIKO mixed. KIKO also mixed her latest release, the "Invader" EP, which was released today.  Besides mixes, KIKO also has a co-write on SIMON RABANSER's (Dolomites Records) & MAC MAYA's new single called "Gletscherblick". Feel free to listen!

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Nomination for Tayfun Guttstadt
Kiko Masbaum

The Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (German Record Critics' Award) goes into the next round.  We are happy about the nomination of TAYFUN GUTTSTADT (Napa Songs) with his album "Tarâpzâde". The album was nominated for the category "Weltmusik" and mixed by our mixer, producer and songwriter KIKO MASBAUM.

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New Mixes
Kiko Masbaum

KIKO has been busy mixing in the last 2 months.  At the beginning of November, the new single "Take a While" by PHILINE SONNY (Nettwerk Music) was released, which was mixed by KIKO. He also mixed the new singles by JEANETTE BIEDERMANN (one two media) - "Sing!" and WANDA (Universal) - "Bei niemand anders (Live @ Your Song mit dem MDR-Sinfonieorchester)".  Feel free to listen!

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"Gutes Gefühl" Album OUT NOW
Niko Stegmiller, Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander, Fargo

FARGO (Motor Music) releases his new album "Gutes Gefühl". A great end to the year for our singer-songwriter. Mix & Master by KIKO MASBAUM.  Produktion by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-Write by FARGO, CHRISTIAN NEANDER, NIKO STEGMILLER.   Listen to it!

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