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For the 13th time the electronic music compilation ABOUT:BERLIN supplies us with the capital's beat.

Featuring one of ABOUT:BERLIN's favourites LO with "Everytime I See You" feat. Martin Echo and VIMES with "Mind", produced and mixed by JOCHEN NAAF and "Lovers Friends" by MÖWE & DANIEL NITT produced by KILIAN & JO!

Since the release date 1 April 2016 the compilation is in the TOP 3 of the iTunes charts.

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LO: GLASPERLENSPIEL release a Deluxe Edition of "Tag X"
Lorenz Schimpf

Last Friday GLASPERLENSPIEL (Universal) released their gold awarded LP "Tag X" as "Geiles Leben Deluxe Edition" LO co-produced and mixed the tracks "Karussell" and "Heimweh" Listen to a snippet of "Karussell" here or get the "Geiles Leben Deluxe Edition" here

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LO: "Mücke" EP by GRACE RISCH out now!
Lorenz Schimpf

The "Mücke" EP by Berlin singer GRACE RISCH (Downbeat Records/Warner) is in shops today. 6 songs to love for fans of urban pop with catchy beats. LO produced and co-wrote the track "Leinwand" feat. Chefket Get the "Mücke" EP here 

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LO: FIFI RONG loves the LO remix of "Forbidden Desire"
Lorenz Schimpf

Let's let London based artist FIFI RONG talk about LO's remix of her track "Forbidden Desire" in her own words: "I really love different interpretations on my work, and I'm always fascinated by other creative minds that come up with their unique way of understanding music. LO's Remix is minimalistic, exciting, certain and cut throat, it's an impressive work."  - to "Forbidden Desire (LO Remix)" here

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LO: New MUSO single out now
Lorenz Schimpf

"Ultimatum" feat. Ali As is the second pre-single of MUSO's (Believe Digital) upcoming LP "Amarena" creating increasing excitement with his fans. "Amarena" will be released 19 August 2016 LO produced the LP "Amarena" and co-wrote the track "Ultimatum"Listen to "Ultimatum" by MUSO

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