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JOCHEN NAAF: HUNDREDS present video of their 2nd single "Our Past"

After releasing their album "Aftermath" in March HUNDREDS (Sinnbus) tour the German festival stages to enchant the fans with their live performance.

If you missed buying a ticket for one of the numerous festivals, simply enjoy the wonderful touching video for the second single "Our Past".

JOCHEN NAAF produced this song together with HUNDREDS and mixed it as well.

<link https: blank external-link-new-window external link in new>Watch the internationally well reviewed video here.

<link http: new-music discovery hundreds-our-past blank external-link-new-window external link in new>Have a look what they say in the UK

<link http: blog post video-premiere-hundreds-our-past blank external-link-new-window external link in new>and in the USA

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January to April
Jochen Naaf

Our producer, mixer and songwriter JOCHEN NAAF has been involved in several releases in recent months.  GIANT ROOKS (Irrsinn) released their new album "How Have You Been?" on February 2nd, which was produced by Jochen Naaf. He also produced and mixed BOSSE's (Vertigo) new single "Tagträumen".  Last week, FIL BO RIVA released a new single entitled "Lost In Life". Jochen Naaf was also involved in the production. Feel free to listen!

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Giant Rooks - "How Have You Been?"
Jochen Naaf

Four years ago, Giant Rooks (IRRSINN) achieved their breakthrough with their first album. Today, the boys released their second album "Where Have You Been?". A great mix of rock, soul and indie.  The album was produced by JOCHEN NAAF and Giant Rooks.

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Jochen Naaf

GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN) has released several new singles in recent months, which JOCHEN NAAF has been busy producing. Listen to "For You", "Cold Wars" and "Fight Club"! JOCHEN was also involved in the single "aus meiner haut" by trille, which was released in October. Here JOCHEN took over a part of the writing.

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Platinum for Maxim
Jochen Naaf

After 10 years, MAXIM (Wanderlust Recordings) goes platinum with his single "Meine Soldaten".  The melancholic hit was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. We congratulate in the warmest possible way and we are delighted about this great award! Listen again and reminisce.

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