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Bosse with "Der Sommer"

To start of the vacation season BOSSE captures the feeling of the car ride going on summer holidays perfectly with "Der Sommer" (Universal Music).

Production: JOCHEN NAAF

Let's take a vacation with BOSSE and "Der Sommer"


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Silbermond - "Auf Auf" Out now!!
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders

Silbermond thrills once again with their music. The new single "Auf Auf" is not only an absolute earworm, but also convinces with its lyrics. The line "Auf in den Sommer" is at this moment the most fitting motto of many of us. The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF.  MORITZ ENDERS mixed it. You can listen to the single here.

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New Music by Giant Rooks
Jochen Naaf

After two years there is finally new music from GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN records). The boys release their new single "Morning Blue" today and makes us already want more. We are very curious how their new era will look like. The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Listen to "Morning Blue" here!

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Fil Bo Riva with new Single
Jochen Naaf

I promise you, if you listen to the new single of FIL BO RIVA (Vertigo Berlin) you will literally feel "Young & Free" again. The nostalgic vibe of the single has it all. But listen for yourself! Production: JOCHEN NAAF & SVEN LUDWIG Co-Write & Mix: JOCHEN NAAF Click here for the single!

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"Pferde & Flammen" by Die Kerzen
Jochen Naaf

Their second, real studio album "Pferde und Flammen" with 10 songs about love and passion and topics like the wifi in the Flix bus is finally out! The longplayer was produced by JOCHEN NAAF  Click here for the tracks!

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