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Malou - "let you go"

Happy Release Day!

MALOU gives us a new song with her impressive voice. "Let You Go" (WM Germany) is the name of the TRACK and lands in the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify.

Let You Go" was co-written by CHARLIE MCCLEAN.

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Sam Vance-Law releases new LP
Charlie McClean

The new album "Goodbye" by SAM VANCE-LAW is finally released today. We were waiting impatiently for the new record and now we can finally enjoy 12 new songs.  The album was co-produced by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Click here to listen to "Goodbye".

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Charlie McClean

"Icarus" is the third single from SAM VANCE-LAW upcoming album "Goodbye", which will be released on May 6. The single, which landed on New Music Friday Germany, is about the Greek myth of the young Icarus, who flew too close to the sun with the wings built by his father, as he wanted to escape from King Minos.  "Icarus" was produced by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Die Single gibt es hier zu hören!

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Violet Skies with new ballad
Charlie McClean

Artist VIOLET SKIES wows today with the release of her soulful ballad "Never Be Cool."  CHARLIE MCCLEAN produced, mixed and co-wrote the song. Listen to "Never Be Cool" here.

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Thomas Daniel - "In the End"
Charlie McClean

"In the End" is the name of the new single by THOMAS DANIEL, which was released today. The story about love and loss, which he thematizes in his song connects one or the other with each other. The song was mixed by CHARLIE MCCLEAN You can listen to the song here.

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