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Finally George JR's new EP is released

Finally GEORGE JR (Groove Attack) releases his EP "Mint", on which you can hear the single "Nochmal so", which was co-written by PAUL JACOBI. A great track!

You can listen to "Nochmal So" here.


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YBRE & Can't Be Bought - "999" Album
Paul Jacobi, can'

"999" album OUT NOW. YBRE (Groove Attack) and our boys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT released their first album together.  10 strong songs. Co-prod and co-written by. CAN'T BE BOUGHT.  "Balance" co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  Convince yourself!

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Release Radar - Paul Jacobi
Paul Jacobi

Our dear PAUL JACOBI has provided great new lyrics with his songwriting skills in the pop and hit scene in the last months. In May as well as in August he took over the co-write for the new releases "Ohne Worte" and "Die Idee" by BRUNKE (Sony Music).  On 15.09. the new album "PHOENIX" by TWENTY4TIM (Universal Music) was released. On the song "Juckt nicht", which is included in the album, PAUL was also part of the writers. Last week there was a new hit song by TIM PETERS (Sony Music) and MARIE REIM (Sony Music). "Jemand träumt von dir" is the name of this one. Co-Write: PAUL!

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"Himmelbett" - Paul Jacobi
Paul Jacobi

The new single by PAUL JACOBI (FerryHouse) is here, "Himmelbett". A beautiful, emotional single that gets under your skin with Paul's voice. Listen to it! Co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  Listen to "Himmelbett" here.

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Release-Day with The Hives, Dessy Stefanou and more
Paul Jacobi, Pelle Gunnerfeldt, Alex Beitzke, Bounce Brothas

Happy Release-Day to all involved! Featuring: THE HIVES (The Hives AB) - "Bogus Operandi". The first single from the presumably upcoming new album, strong number. Mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. DOMINIK HARTZ (FerryHouse) - "Was ich will" EP. Five strong songs that you must have heard. Especially the title track "Was ich will", this one co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  DESSY STEFANOU (Songzz Media) - "Let that shit go". The third single from the new comer, be sure to check it out. Production and co-write by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. COBI (AntiFragile Music) - "The Frame". The new single from the US-American is out and beautiful, hopefully a new album will come soon. Mixed by ALEX BEITZKE.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the new music!

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