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BRKN "therapizes" us with his new EP

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BRKN releases his new EP "Rahat" (Groove Attack) today. In the 6 songs BRKN raps with heart and soul. "Rahat" means "peace" in Turkish and captures BRKN's stated goal: peace of mind. 

Our guys the BOUNCE BROTHAS co-wrote and produced the song "Theraphie".


You will find your peace of mind here!


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first productions in 2024
Bounce Brothas

BOUNCE BROTHAS has produced a few new songs in the first weeks of the new year.  On January 19th HAIYTI and SHOKI (recordJet) released their new single "Satisfaction". JAY SAMUELZ (Napa Songs) released his single "808s" in February. And today PANTHA's new single "Galerie" was released. All songs were produced by the Bounce Brothas. Check them out!

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What's new
Bounce Brothas

Our BOUNCE BROTHAS duo had some co-writes in the last weeks.  On October 20th HAIYTI (recordJet) released her new album "JUNKY". Our duo co-wrote the song "SAG MIR".  In November there were two releases straight away.  "7 Leben" is the name of the new album by LUCA NOEL (Epic Records), which our duo co-wrote.  The new single "NEIN!" by DELA was also released. This was also co-written and produced by DELA.

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Bounce Brothas

DELA (Dela Music) releases her new single "NEIN!". An emotional song about the end of silence. The song was co-written and produced by the Bounce Brothas. Listen to it!

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Bounce Brothas

... the BOUNCE BROTHAS have collaborated on great new releases.  On 07.07. HAIYTI (Hayiti Rec.) made our German rap scene happy with their new track "Sag mir". Definitely listen to it, but watch out "denn es gibt kein'n Weg zur├╝ck". Co-Write & Prod. by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. In September there were two releases from DELA (Dela Music). In "Dangerous" and "Climax" she wrapped her soft voice in expressive lyrics. Co-Write, Prod. & Mix by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Last but not least: THEO JUNIOR with his new single "Eines Tages". Also Co-Write & Prod. by the BOUNCE BROTHAS.

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