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Another Song by the American singer & songwriter COBI (Manitou River Records) came out on Friday and has kept our hearts beating every since. "POUR ONE FOR ME" can be streamed eyerywhere.

The Song was mixed by ALEX BEITZKE 

Listen to "POUR ONE FOR ME" here !

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AJ Wander - "Blue Lights" Out now!!
Alex Beitzke

There is new music from AJ WANDER (Elevation Recording Group) out today. The epic single "Blue Lights" has it all and hopefully not only moves us in emotionally. Production & Co-Write: ALEX BEITZKE & BRADLEY SPENCE Mix: ALEX BEITZKE Listen to the single here!

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Cobi is "Drifting Aimlessly"
Alex Beitzke

COBI releases his new single "Drifting Aimlessly" (Manitou River Records) today and shows us again how talented he is. The single not only shows off his beautiful voice, the track also goes straight into your ear. It was mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. Listen to "Driftin Aimlessly".

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Alex Beitzke

COBI (Manitou River Records) makes us happy with his new album "Songs from the Ashes" and warms our hearts with his new songs. ALEX BEITZKE produced the songs "You're Mine" & "Keep Climbing" together with BRADLEY SPENCE and COBI. 7 songs were mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. Listen to "Songs from the Ashes" now.

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James Arthur releases "It'll all make sense in the end" Album
Alex Beitzke

"It'll All Make Sense In The End" is the name of the new album by British superstar JAMES ARTHUR (Sony Music Entertainment). Whether all this really makes sense, you will find out when you listen to the masterpiece yourself. ALEX BEITZKE produced the songs "Always" & "Take It Or Leave it" together with BRADLEY SPENCE and MARK RALPH. The songs were also mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. Listen to the album here.

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