The new single "Either Way" from SWAY CLARKE was released today. The Toronto born but Berlin based singer had his debut on Tinie Tempah's album "Demonstration" in 2013.

His previous releases "Tangerine" and "Bad Love" already created attention.

SVEN LUDWIG and JOCHEN NAAF produced and co-wrote the track.

<link http: klausur bei peter zum>Get the song here!

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Giant Rooks - "Cold Wars"
Jochen Naaf

GIANT ROOKS are releasing their new single "Cold Wars" in keeping with the season and the increasingly cold temperatures. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF.

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Trille - "Aus meiner Haut"
Jochen Naaf

"Aus meiner Haut". This is the name of the new single by TRILLE. A song about expressing true feelings and the difficulties behind it. Co-write JOCHEN NAAF.

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new produces
Jochen Naaf

Our producer, mixer and songwriter JOCHEN NAAF was again involved in some projects. Here is a small overview for you. On 02.06. it came directly to two releases in which our producer JOCHEN NAAF was involved. On the one hand he produced the single "Ghost me" by JAMES HERSEY (Sony Music) and worked on two other songs from the new SILBERMOND (Universal) album "Auf Auf".  GIANT ROOKS (Universal Music) released their new single "Somebody like you" on 04.08., which was also produced by our Jochen. Have a look and enjoy the music!

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Silbermond - "Lieber lauf ich davon"
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders

"Lieber lauf ich davon", the new single by SILBERMOND (Universal Music) was released today. A song about the fear of facing oneself and the attempt to escape the ego. About the feeling of not being able to stand the silence and one's own thoughts and instead going in search of distraction. Just running away. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the single here.

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