SIMON JÄGER: New single "Der Pinguin" by ROCKSTAH

Today is the release of ROCKSTAH's (Department Music) new single "Der Pinguin". The single is a first glimpse of the upcoming album "Cobblepot"  which will be released on the 26th of Oktober.

SIMON JÄGER mixed the single.

Listen to "Der Pinguin" here!


Watch the music video here!

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Sara hartman with "Watermelon"
Simon Jäger

The US-American SARA HARTMAN (BMG Rights Management) releases her new single "Watermelon" in collaboration with the rapper TUIMI (Tapioka Records) today. The song was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to "Watermelon" now!

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"We Move Faster At Night" EP by The Ivy
Simon Jäger

"We Move Faster At Night" (Wasted Talent Records) is the new EP of Indie trio THE IVY with 6 tracks waking a bit of 80's nostalgia. SIMON JÄGER mixed four tracks of the EP ("Give Me A Try", "Missing Out", "Thirty Eight", "Memories") Listen to the full EP by THE IVY

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New Hollowgang single "number" feat. GionnyScandal
Simon Jäger

Swedish band HOLLOWGANG brings back 2000's punk rock à la Blink182 and Greenday adding rap, trap und hiphop sounds to the mix. Perfect example of this mix is their new single "number" (Wasted Talent Records) together with Italian emo trapper GionnyScandal. SIMON JÄGER mixed the song Listen to "number" by HOLLOWGANG feat. GionnyScandal here

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New LP by Wonach wir suchen
Simon Jäger

The Band WONACH WIR SUCHEN (Plaice Records) from Leipzig describes their style as akustik punk.  Today they release the new LP "laute Pfade leise Sohlen"! SIMON JÄGER produced the LP Check out the album here

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