Pietro Lombardi releases new Album "Lombardi"

PIETRO LOMBARDI (Universal Music GmbH) finally released his long-awaited album "Lombardi". The album features the moving power ballad "Kämpferherz". The song goes straight to the ear and heart. On the album you can also hear the song "In Diesem Moment",

which was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM.

"Kämpferherz" was mixed by PETER JEM SEIFERT.


Listen to "Kämpferherz" here.

Get to " In Diesem Moment" here.

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Ray Dalton with "Don't Make Me Miss You"

Grammy-nominated singer "Ray Dalton" delights us in the new year with his brand new single "Don't Make Me Miss You", releasing a real catchy tune. Production and Mix: JEM PETER SEIFERT & HENRIK MENZEL Check out the track now!

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Ina Müller on #2 German charts

With her new album "55" (Columbia) INA MÜLLER enters the official German LP charts on number 2. JEM mixed 4 songs incl. the single "Ich halt die Luft an" the other songs: "Fast hält länger als fest", "Eichhörnchentag" and "Die Zeit fliegt dir davon" Listen to the LP "55" here

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Audiodelikt with "Wiehnacht"

Christmas is just around the corner and the guys from AUDIODELIKT get us all in the right mood with the release of their new single "Wiehnacht". The song was mixed by JEM SEIFERT. Click here to listen to "Wiehnacht".

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Christmas vinyl by Christian Steiffen

Christmas comes early this year with CHRISTIAN STEIFFEN (It Sounds). For this release he translated "He ain't heavy he's my brother" into "Er ist nicht schwer, er ist mein Bruder,"completing his Christmas single with his version of "Leise rieselt der Schnee", the artist's favourite Christmas carol. Mix: JEM Get Christmas ready with CHRISTIAN STEIFFEN

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