Okkupado celebrates debut

New band with new music. The guys from OKKUPADO celebrate their debut today with the rocking single "TAKE ME BACK". 

As a band member JOSEPH FEINSTEIN not only sings in the track, but also co-wrote the song.

Listen to the single now!

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"idwk" - Joseph Feinstein
can't be bought, Joseph Feinstein

Once again JOESPH FEINSTEIN (CloudKid) surprises with a banger release on a Wednesday. "idwk" is the perfect track to celebrate the weekend early.  Co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. Mix/Master by CAN'T BE BOUGHT. You can listen to "idwk" here. 

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Villforth - "Stay" Out now!
Joseph Feinstein

VILLFORTH makes us happy this week once again with a proper earworm. With her soothing voice she manages to captivate us again. You can stream "Stay" everywhere starting today. JOSEPH FEINSTEN produced and co-wrote the track. Listen to "Stay" now!

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updog - "vacatione"
Joseph Feinstein

Monday surprise! A great new single from UPDOG (CloudKid) "vacatione" brings back the summer. We're already listening to the single all day! Co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can  listen to it here.

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Surprise Release by JOSPEH FEINSTEIN
Joseph Feinstein

JOSEPH FEINSTEIN surprises us on a wednesday with his new single "black bouquet". It lets us dance through the rest of the week. Artist and co-writer: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN You can listen to it here. 

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