Mid-week release by HYPERCLAP

The weekend is alsready in sight, let's celebrate mid-week with HYPERCLAP's new release "Better Place" with Drama B and Jowst via Tribal Trap.

Listen to "Better Place" here


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New chillhouse track by ALOON
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

ALOON release new chill house track "Sweet Dream" via Styleheads Music. Production: HYPERCLAP Listen to "Sweet Dream"

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Hyperclap covers Migos-Hit

Hyperclap (Clapmode) released their latest single today. The song is called "Bad & Boujee" and is a cover of the Migos hit of the same name. Listen to "Bad & Boujee" now!

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Aloon release debut single
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

ALOON release their first ever track "So Alone" via vybrant/Styleheads Music. Produced by HYPERCLAP Check out "So Alone"

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Hyperclap covers Rihanna-hit
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

The duo from HYPERCLAP (Clapmode) takes on the Rihanna mega hit "Umbrella" and turns it into a cool house track. Check out the remix now.

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