New Banger by OKKUPADO

Finally OKKUPADO releases their second single "COMEDOWN", perfect to rock out to this on the weekend. We are already looking forward to the next single!

Artist and co-writer: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.

You can listen to it here. 



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"idwk" - Joseph Feinstein
can't be bought, Joseph Feinstein

Once again JOESPH FEINSTEIN (CloudKid) surprises with a banger release on a Wednesday. "idwk" is the perfect track to celebrate the weekend early.  Co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. Mix/Master by CAN'T BE BOUGHT. You can listen to "idwk" here. 

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Villforth - "Stay" Out now!
Joseph Feinstein

VILLFORTH makes us happy this week once again with a proper earworm. With her soothing voice she manages to captivate us again. You can stream "Stay" everywhere starting today. JOSEPH FEINSTEN produced and co-wrote the track. Listen to "Stay" now!

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updog - "vacatione"
Joseph Feinstein

Monday surprise! A great new single from UPDOG (CloudKid) "vacatione" brings back the summer. We're already listening to the single all day! Co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can  listen to it here.

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Surprise Release by JOSPEH FEINSTEIN
Joseph Feinstein

JOSEPH FEINSTEIN surprises us on a wednesday with his new single "black bouquet". It lets us dance through the rest of the week. Artist and co-writer: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN You can listen to it here. 

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